I get lots of questions about the sources of different products we use... you will find the links to some of those items here. Let me know if you're looking for something you've seen in one of my posts and I'd be happy to source it here for you :) xo-Tisse

Kid Gear:

Travel stroller
Double jogging stroller
Ring sling carrier (another great option are My Wild Bird slings.)
Buckle carrier
Kid counter step stool
Drivable kid's 4-wheeler
Drivable kid's pickup truck (similar)
Swivel car scooter (we added these wheels so they would't scratch our floors.)

My Clothes:

Winter coat
Winter boots
Black winter boots
Floral one piece bathing suit (similar)
Pink lens sunglasses
My moon and stars necklace 
Jean shorts
Favorite places for little gold rings HERE and HERE

Kid's Clothes: 

Pixie hats 
Navi's moccasins
Navi's sandals
Weston's sandals

Beauty Products:

homemade deodorant
face wash or this one
I plan on doing a post soon about my full skincare routine.

House Stuff:

Record player
Bathroom wallpaper
Family room wallpaper
Green couch
Kitchen runner rug
Natural woven rugs HERE and HERE
Stairway fairy lights
Navi's wallpaper
Navi's quilt
Tea kettle
Coffee maker
My bedding

RV Stuff:

The paint we used
The woolen dream catcher
The wallpaper

Some favorite toddler books:

Good dog carl
Carl's sleepy afternoon (really any of the carl books, they're all great!)
First alphabet
Little blue truck leads the way
Little engine that could

Some favorite kid books:

Keep the lights burning abbey 
Goodnight stories for rebel girls
Little house on the prairie 
The snail and the whale
The gardener
Miss maple's seeds
Caterina and the lemonade stand
What do people do all day 

Some favorite adult books:

Atchafalaya houseboat
Essential oils natural remedies 
The forest feast

(beep beep beep, some of the links here are affiliate links and I may receive a small commission from your purchase... this is all at no additional cost to you, of course! Thanks for being cool about it :)

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