Tuesday, November 22, 2016

That time I went to Chicago with my sister.

I went to Chicago last week with my sister Hannah as part of a little birthday celebration for her. We stopped at Lake Michigan on the way there and the wind was seriously insane, we took a video where I was trying to jump into the wind and my coat was parachuting out and basically moving me backwards! We ate an absurd amount of food (some favorites: Umami vegetarian burger! SO good! Stan's Donuts!), got tattoos and stayed up late annnnd braved driving in Chicago city traffic.... we are definitely not city drivers so we were super nervous about this one haha!

Happy, happy birthday, sis!! I love you to the moon and back, thanks for making me laugh until I pee and mostly for always leavin the light on for me.

And here is a little video I made from some bits of our trip if you'd like to check it out :)

Chicago 2016 from Tisse on Vimeo.

Sources for items in the video:
Hannah's coat
My fuzzy coat
My long coat was from Ascot and Hart last year
My pom hat
Hannah's "wander" hat
My backpack
Most of the sweatshirts/tshirts we had on are from our shop, HERE. 

Throwback to that time we went to Vegas, HERE. And that time we went to Florida, HERE. :)


  1. Another dope video, T.

    And that supermoon though...

  2. You two are so cute. Making memories to hold onto for all of your days. Big love to the both of you. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Special bond!! Sure wish I had a sis!! :)


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