A film from October.

Some bits and pieces of our October.

When she was four years and seven months. 

And he was one year and six months. 

And it was Chris's first October of his 30's.

And I was in the last few months of 28. 

It was the first fall that Weston could walk and the first fall that they were really friends. 

The weather felt more like summer than fall and the leaves and flowers clung on extra long and the earth smelled sweet and warm.

Bits of October 2016 from Tisse on Vimeo.


  1. You truly have such a way with these videos, finding the absolute beauty in the simplicity of life. Thank you for always sharing your pieces, Tisse. They never fail to be a shot of pure joy & love! <3

  2. So surreal<3 You're the best in potraying the beauty of simple things in life. Lots of love from india <3


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