Our five day RV renovation.

We just took a three week road trip across the US. First we drove to Seattle and then we hopped on a boat to Alaska for a week and then came back to Seattle and drove home to Michigan. We had the absolute BEST time and I have tons of photos and such to share from our trip! I'll be breaking things up into multiple posts because seriously the amount of photos that Chris and I took is insane! So to kick off the #tissesroadtrip posts I'm going to share a bit about the RV we took. If you've been following along here for a while you already know that we have a 1975 vintage bus that we use for our camping trips. So before you freak out and think that I gutted that beauty, fear not! The 75 is still in her original orange shag carpet glory, this is a different RV! So here we go, this is how it all went down...

(I typed this up right before we left home in the beginning of July)

First a little backstory... 

My sister, Hannah, is getting married in Alaska the second week in July. Our family and the rest of the wedding guests have been planning to fly into Seattle and then take a cruise to Alaska together for the festivities. A little over a week ago those plans came to a halt and we were left scrambling to put together a new plan for my little family of four. Weston has been on and off batting ear infections the last few months and with the fluid situation in his ears we were advised to not fly with him until he could be evaluated by an ear nose and throat specialist. So with an ENT appointment booked for the end of July we figured our only other option was to road trip it to Seattle and meet up with everyone there for the cruise. Seems logical enough since we already have a big bus.

 BUT! That big 75 bus of ours isn't mountain worthy and would most certainly not have the gusto to make it through the Rockies. So that left us with one week to find and a new RV before leaving Michigan in time for the nuptials. 

We found an RV in Ohio that was perfect for our trip... And for some insane reason I figured that five days was plenty of time to do a full RV renovation before taking off on our adventure. It was a total race against the clock to get this thing finished in time but everything just sort of fell into place and we are so SO pleased with how it turned out. The RV was absolutely fine as is (which kind of made me feel a little silly at first about wanting to overhaul it) but it just didn't feel like us. And we figured we'd be spending so much time in it so it might as well be a space that we all felt at home in. It certainly feels like a homey space to us now and its left us  wondering how we are ever going to follow through with our original plan to sell this thing when we get home. 

So here is our five day RV renovation that was surprisingly budget friendly! A lot of the decor I already had or borrowed from our other bus so in total this face lift cost us around $400....and if you're looking for sources from our renovation, I've added links and such at the end. :) 

Here are a few of the 'before' photos... which are super terrible because I wasn't planning on posting about this, I just took them for my own records. Butttt I figured what's the point of after photos if you don't have the before photos to look at too. So, here they are...

And now, the 'after'...

pink runner rug
pink/gray/gold rug
gold rug
wood shiplap wallpaper
animal face wallpaper
chalkboard vinyl
stick on subway tile backsplash
cabinet pull handles
wool dreamcatcher
"not all who wander" sign (similar)
decorative washi tape
falsa blankets on couch and dinette
gripper paint
For the curtains I just bought two different pairs at target (I can't seem to find them on their website now?) and had a seamstress size them to fit our windows and then used sew on hook and loop Velcro tape and bits of the old curtain hardware to attach everything.
The metal "home" sign above the bed I found in the clearance section at Michaels. You can find a similar one HERE.

And I've been asked about a few things not shown in these photos that folks saw on my snapchat (I'm @tissespieces over there) during our trip, so here's the sources for those:

The wooden ball and track toy the kids were playing with HERE.
Navi's sewing tiles HERE.
Weston's lightweight carseat HERE.


  1. Love this and adore your little family! Great job with the reno. Makes me want to overhauls something....

  2. Looks great!!! What kind of paint did you use for the cabinets and headboard?

  3. Wow! It looks so good, you're right, not too bad before but 100 times better now! I'd keep it ;)

  4. Now I need an RV to road trip with my family in!!

  5. It looks amazing and so homey. What a difference after your hard work on it!!it looks like your family had such a memorable trip. I'd totally be interested in buying it if you guys sell it ;)

  6. Your overhaul is amazing! Question, did you have to use a special paint to paint over the vinyl of the walls and cabinets?

  7. So much brighter. So impressed with this quick turnover time! Nicely done, my friend. Nicely done.


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