My sister's wedding.

My sister was married on the tenth day in July in Juneau, Alaska. The sky was filled with fluffy white clouds that danced along the tops of the mountains. It was about sixty degrees and the earth smelled like rain and it felt like the trees and the water and the sky and everything was just vibrating with love. I have never in my life seen a more beautiful bride than my sister on her wedding day. She glowed from the inside out and seemed more herself than any other day of her life. The whole day was just so easy, and peaceful and just everything that I ever could've hoped for her special day to be!

We had the best time spending the day with all of our favorite people and I'm forever grateful to have played a small part in their happily ever after! (Also, we are SO stinking excited for you to be officially joining our family, Charlie!) 

You guys! I love love! 

All the wedding photography was shot by our amazing friend and photography magician, Joel Allegretto. No matter where you are, if you're looking for a photographer, he's your guy! You can see even more of his photos from the special day in his blog post, here

Navi's shoes, here.
Hannah shoes, here.
Weston's shoes, here. 

Oh! And here is a little video I put together of a few bits and pieces of the wedding day. The song is "all of my days" by Alexi Murdoch and the video was made on my phone using the app "lumify". And you can see more photos that Hannah and I posted from the tip at #hannahsalaskanwedding

My sister's wedding. from Tisse on Vimeo.


  1. So so incredibly beautiful!!!

  2. Gorgeousness all around!!! xo

  3. This video alone is such a perfect wedding gift. And seeing you sisters makes me soo excited that I have two girls! <3


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