A video from the middle of June.

This phase of life that we're in right now, it's a sweet one. It's also incredibly exhausting and patience testing and at times, full of self doubt. BUT! Life is good. It is so so good. And we spend our days together, doing nothing at all and everything that matters most, all at the same time. It's finally warm outside and everything is green and alive. He sings to me, "mama mama mama", she thinks that I hung the stars and Chris holds me together when I feel like falling apart and loves our babies more than breathing. So this is just a little video I put together from clips I've taken during this third week of June. Nothing extraordinary, just the ordinary... everyday, run of the mill, perfectly imperfect, beautiful stuff. Because life is good, and I want to freeze these bits of our life right now... so this is my best effort at making time stand still.

The third week of June. from Tisse on Vimeo.


  1. Feels so nostalgic. I can just imagine your sweet babes watching this when they're all grown up, thinking about what a magical, sweet, and simple childhood they had!

  2. Bahhhhh you guys are the cutest!!

  3. oh this is soooo beautiful! it makes me emotional just thinking about one day looking back on such a sweet life!


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