A little trip to Vegas.

I went to vegas for the weekend with my middle sister, Hannah, for a little bachelorette type trip before she ties the knot in July (I don't know if you can actually call it a "bachelorette party" if its just the two of us though? haha ;).

We flew the redeye in on Thursday night and we were both pretty much walking zombies by the time we arrived. Buttttttt we didn't eat dinner before the flight for some reason so we had dinner after checking into the hotel at 11pm Vegas time - so 2am home time. 

On Friday morning we hung out by the pool and then walked the strip and tried on fancy dresses at the Rent the Runway store at the Cosmopolitan and did a little shopping. We called the driver that took us to the hotel the night before and asked him for a ride to my friend Amy's house. Apparently the only car they had available was a white stretch limo so we got to ride in (ridiculous) style to Amy's house in the suburbs haha! Amy took us out to the boonies and we were surrounded by nothing but desert and mountains and wild horses and it was INCREDIBLE! We took pictures and played and it was every bit as rad as it sounds. (Side note, Amy is a traveling photographer and she's amazing- see the photos of us desert frolicking below... so if you're looking for a Vegas photographer, she's your gal!). After our desert hangs we rode a super sketchy bus back to the strip on Friday night, not something I recommend doing if you're just traveling as a pair of ladies by the way haha!

On Saturday we went zip-lining in Boulder City. There was a 92 year old guy named Dale on our tour, the oldest our guides had ever taken up on the mountain. It was Dale's birthday and he was so determined to do the lines. The guides ended up carrying him on their back for most of the hike so he could go down the line and it was just so cool to get to witness that moment for him. He was a World War II veteran and had to parachute out of his plane after he was hit while flying over the ocean. He is just an all around amazing human being and such an inspiration... I hope I'm still doing cool shit when I'm 92!

On Saturday night we went to get tattoos and then went to the buffet at the Caesar's Palace.... but the wait was two hours long so we ended up going to the buffet at the Mirage instead, which was really great. We finished a little early and had some time to kill before our Afterwards I played roulette while we waited for our show to start and won $20. High roller ;) We saw the Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil show which was awesome! We ate breakfast the next morning at the Grand Lux Cafe which was right in our hotel and so tasty! We left the next morning and we were greeted home by 48 degree temperatures and airport workers dressed in winter coats haha! 

I'm so thankful for Chris and my parents keeping things running smoothly at home so I could relax and enjoy some sister time. We had the best time together and I've decided that a sister trip definitely needs to be an annual thing. I was so nervous about this trip, especially since Weston is still nursing to sleep at night. My friend, Brittany, told me "even if Weston has a hard time, its three days. You and Hannah will remember this trip for forever and this wont even be a blip on his radar". That really stuck with me and I'm so glad I took her advice to heart. So any mamas reading this that are on the fence about something like this, I vote that you stock your fridge full of milk and hop on that plane and go for it ;) 

Love you so much, Hanny! Can't wait to watch you walk down the aisle this summer :)

^^^ This is Dale at the top of the first ziplining run. What a cutie :)


  1. Hi. I know you aren't a lactation consultant (ha) but I happen to read this post and wondered...did you have to pump while away 3 days or does milk supply stay ok since it is established already? My kid just turned 1 and also nurses to sleep and wake, and wondered about leaving for a few days. Nice post and pictures. I don't follow many blogs and have unsubscrubed to many insta accts...but you do a nice job.

    1. Hi! thanks for the sweet compliment! :) and yes I pumped while I was away- I just pumped each time he would normally be nursing to maintain my supply and prevent myself from getting engorged. Hope that helps! :)

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  3. Loved these trip photos. You all had a fantastic time in Vegas. Thanks for sharing these photos here. My friends have been planning a similar trip to NYC. Have to attend a friend’s wedding at a venue NYC and have high expectations from the trip.


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