Mexico 2016.

We went to Mexico last month so I figured its  high time that I give some of our photos a little home here on this space. We went with my family and also my friend, Brittany and her family. Brittany and I used to vacation to Mexico together when we were Navi's size and the last time we were there together was for my wedding... so it was a real "full-circle" kind of thing being there with her and our kids all at the same time. Seeing our boys play (eat) sand at the same time and swimming in the same pool we swam in when we were little, it was just pretty special. 

Navi had the time of her life with my parents and at the end of the week- I'm pretty sure she would've just full blown moved in with them if we would've let her. Weston became quite fond of my dad while we were there. We joked that my dad was like Weston's own personal Rascal Scooter... He would hold Weston, Weston would point towards some ambiguous spot in the distance and say "tuhh! (touch)" and my dad would take off running in the direction of his pointing.... they were quite the sight to watch. You should've seen all the women on the beach fawning over my dad during this little game, it was ridiculous haha! 

My mom watched the kids one night and we were able to go to dinner with the over 18 crowd. I wore a dress and had my hair down and we talked without any interruptions (except that one tiny interruption when I had to run up to the hotel room to pop my boob out for Weston for about 5 minutes ;) My dad and I took Navi parasailing the day that we left... I should've known better than to trust the parasail guy when he assured me that it would be a quick process... but I didn't. It started raining while we were waiting for the jet ski to take us out to the boat and it pretty much rained the whole time we were in the air. Navi was such a trooper about it and I was so proud of her for being so brave. So yeah, we almost missed our flight, but we didn't. And Navi got to touch the clouds, I'm calling it a parental win. Chris might disagree ;)

Oh, and I think it needs to be noted that during our two flights Weston required not one, not two, but four poopy diaper changes, which took place stretched across my and my mom's lap- I wasn't about to brave the airplane bathroom with Sir Touches-A-Lot. Sorry in-flight neighbors ;) But seriously though, we had an awesome time and the kids traveled so nicely. Traveling with kids is such a different ballgame than traveling as a couple. I think its really important to keep everything in perspective and also to accept ahead of time that traveling is hard on little ones. And expect your schedule to get a little wonky and some regression in various areas and all of that but know that the memories you make will easily overshadow any of the struggles you face. Just thought I'd throw that little pep talk in there in case anyone reading is on the fence about traveling with little ones... or under the illusion that its a cake walk haha!

I just realized that these photos uploaded completely out of order...but with my ancient laptop it took about 498394 hours to get all these photos on here so I'm just gonna leave it as is (and hope that my slightly obsessive tendencies don't keep my up at night fantasizing about rearranging the photos into chronological order ;) Also, it needs to be noted that I've put this post together over the course of like nine thousand days and ten thousand interruptions and it probably reads like I'm absolutely insane...  but I'm not about to proofread it now. Whoops. Hope you're having a great week and that your brains didn't turn to scrambled eggs from reading this post! It's almost April! That means my baby is about to be ONE! Whattt?!?!

Oh, and PS: I was asked a few times on Instagram about the sources for some of our stuff so heres a little list for ya:

Buckle up for photo overload... it's intense! 


  1. All of your photos are fantastic! You have a beautiful family :) And you're so right about traveling with little ones- definitely a game changer but one you just have to roll with and make the best of bc, for me, I know I can't imagine trips without our little dude now! Where in Mexico did y'all go?

  2. Sorry I'm behind! Love all of these wonderful photos and memories! :)

  3. So you and your sister's hair is amazing, do you think you could do a blog post about your hair products and how you care for it? :) If you have time and/or want to that is!


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