Her last day as a three year old.

This time four years ago I was going to bed early while Chris stayed up to watch the hockey game. In a few hours I'd wake up to my water breaking and by dinner time tomorrow we'd be snuggled up in bed with a new baby girl in our arms.

Today was her last day as a three year old- I have all kinds of feelings about that.  We made snow ice cream for breakfast and I painted her nails and she asked Chris to take a picture of her giving me kiss in the bathtub.

Tonight with a note of anxiety she said "but I don't wanna be four. I wanna keep my threes!"... And I totally get it. But four will be beautiful, my love. Just wait and see. 

Here is a little video of some bits of our her last day as a three year old. 
Her last day as a three year old. from Tisse on Vimeo.


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  2. Magical. As always, Tisse.

    Another one for the Pensieve.

    May you have many happy returns, sweet Navi girl.

  3. Ooh this video made me well up just thinking about Everdeen turning 4 in 4 short months! Happy Birthday sweet Navi!!


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