Weston at nine(ish) months.

Weston is a little over nine months old right now. Where has the time gone?! Everyone told me that things go that much quicker the more children you add to the family and I can say that that was absolutely true for us. It really seems like Weston's babyhood has gone by in the blink of an eye. He is growing and changing by leaps and bounds every day and I figured I better hurry and jot down some of the wonderful things he is doing right this very minute before they pass me by.

He started crawling on New Years Eve and ever since then its been all hands on deck around here! His personality is really starting to shine this last month. He is such a jokester and super mischievous! If there is trouble to be found, he can find it haha! His sister never really left my side as a baby so I never experienced those "when your kid is quiet, go lookin!" moments... but with Weston, he either wants to be held or wants to be off exploring. And when he's exploring that usually means he's trying to find something naughty to eat or something to climb on that should most certainly not be climbed on. He keeps us all on our toes, that's for sure!

He had his first haircut a few weeks ago and now he looks even more like his daddy! I sat him up on our kitchen counter and gave him some spoons to play with and then got to snipping. I scooped up a little bunch of hair to save as a keepsake and wrapped it in a little ribbon and then I took the last little bits outside and let them blow away in the wind.

He's not too big on solid foods but he likes bananas, avocados, pears and puffs quite a bit. He's also tries to beeline for the dog food bowls too. And don't even think about feeding him with a spoon. If he can't pick it up with his own hands he isn't interested. He has just this week started pulling himself up to stand on things and that new little trick coupled with his ability to climb the stairs has me a bit of a nervous wreck.

He has started saying his own version of a few select words. I think "kitty" is his current favorite (he's so obsessed with the cat!). He always says the first part of the word in this high pitched voice and it sounds kind of like "kiiiii-deeeee". "Daddy" is a big one too. "Na-nee"(Navi), "nie-nie" (nursing), "dah" (dog), "bah" (ball), "tah" (toss), "aaaaaahhhh daaaahhhhh!" (all done) and "eyyeeee!" (hi) round out the rest of his vocabulary. He says all of those words on the daily and every once in a blue moon he will decide to make my day and say "mum", but he usually does that when I'm not in the room so I hardly ever get to hear it. It's really amazing how much babies can understand even though they can't necessarily verbalize just yet. He is understanding more and more of what I'm saying every day and I love how his face lights up when he just gets it, you know? He has started using signs, so far just "all done" and "more" and he gets soooo happy when I respond appropriately and he feels understood.

Diaper changes are next to impossible as he flops around like a fish the entire time. He doesn't cry very often but I can always count on him to give a good freak out (complete with this terrible scream) if I wipe his face or change his diaper. He sleeps next to me in our bed and wakes up a few times during the night to nurse. He loves bath time and playing chase. He's so obsessed with his sister and if ever she's over at her grandparent's house or something for the day he just isn't himself. He crawls around the house like a lost puppy whining and searching for her, its pretty sad. Speaking of Navi, the two of them have really started to bond more and more now that he's becoming more of a big boy and its easily my favorite thing in this world to see their love grow and watch them interact with one another.

He loves playing guitar and toss with Chris and he is surprisingly really good at both. He still has a hard time nursing if there's even the slightest distraction around which makes it tricky during the day when I have a three year old running laps and jumping on the couch etc. He loves being in the carrier and will usually fall asleep if I wear him on a long walk or if I vacuum the house (the Sakura Bloom ring sling, Natibaby wrap and Kinderpack are his favorites. Mine too! ;). He gives the best kisses and he gets so sweetly bashful when people talk to him when we're out in public. He will be in my arms and someone will start chatting to him and he just gives the biggest toothy smile (he currently has seven) and then hide his face in my neck. Then he will peak his head up ever so slowly to see if they're still there and then when he sees them still there he will get all giggly and hide again.

He is such a delightful little baby to be around and he brings so much happiness to our home and anyone he's around. I must give those sweet little cheeks of his a thousand kisses a day and to say my heart bursts for him would be an understatement. We really feel like the luckiest to get to do life with this little sunshine boy by our side.


  1. He is just the sweetest, Tisse!! Wish our little ones could have a play date one day! :)

  2. Oh my I can relate to so much of this! Isn't it crazy how different the big sis and little bro are?! So fun to observe :) My Joaquim is the same way! Only wants to eat with his hands and is always going for danger, they would get along great! Lol

    1. yeah the personality differences are so nuts! its like once you figure one kid out the next one comes along and its a whole new ballgame/learning curve... keeps ya on your toes!

  3. He's precious!! I loved reading about him!! I don't blame you at all for kissing those cheeks all day!! 😘


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