Some thoughts on our first morning of vacation.

Sunday morning blogging. This is a first, I think?

It's 6:30am. I've been up since 5:30, I couldn't fall back to sleep after nursing Weston. So I snuck out of our room and I'm sitting downstairs waiting for Chris and the babies to wake. I can see Navi stirring on the monitor so I know it won't be long now. I'm hoping for a morning walk on the beach before french toast breakfast.

We're in Mexico, on vacation with my family for the week. We just got here yesterday afternoon after a long day of travel. And speaking of travel, it needs to be put into these record books that I am so so so so proud of my babies for how they handled travel day yesterday. Both kids did absolutely amazing and I'm so thankful to them for the stress free travel experience. I swear when those tires touch down on the runaway it feels like a hundred pound weight has been lifted off of my chest!

Weston is in this beautiful phase of life right now where everything is new and fascinating. He's seeing and smelling and hearing and experiencing things for the very first time and, like with his sister before him, it's one of my very favorite stages of parenting. He was fascinated by the world outside his window on the airplane. Chris and Navi had seats towards the front of the plane but our seats were towards the back so we both took lots of photos of the plane ride for the other to enjoy later. ;) When we got to our hotel we were walking outside and I could tell he was amazed by the warmth and humidity and then he started reaching out of my arms... He was reaching for the plants growing alongside the sidewalk. It was such a beautifully innocent gesture and as I brought his nose close to the flowers and watched his chubby little fingers grasp at the leaves, my throat tightened with tears. He has the most beautiful lucky that I get to be the one to show him this world.

He's awake now, so I'll just end it there. 

I took this right after he woke up. I took him out on the balcony in his pjs and sleep sack. He kept reaching for the ocean and trees and saying "tuhh!" (That's how he says touch :)


  1. L O V E Mexico. Have the best time!

  2. L O V E Mexico. Have the best time!

  3. Where are you at in Mexico! Love Mexico and can't wait to go back in July! WITH A BABY! Please tell me all of your tricks and tips

  4. this is so sweet. you're so sweet. he's so sweet!

  5. So beautiful to have them experience travel at such a young age. I'm wondering if you are going to do an Easter basket shopping list. Your Xmas shop small list was perfect Thankyou!

  6. Loved all your Instagram pics!! Sweet picture of Weston (as always)!! ❤️


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