A hodge podge of stuff.

Hi! I'm about to slap a bunch of links together and call it a blog post.

But first! Weston isn't a big eater. At least not for me. (Are you surprised? Is it because of his juicy tummy?) Unless its booby milkshakes of course and then he's all about it. He's recently become quite fond of my morning smoothie though... and this shot kind of makes my day. (and for the record, this one has bananas, avocados, acai berries, oranges, ice and hemp seeds)

We are going on vacation this weekend and I think all the promise of warmer weather has Navi kind of like "ummm why is it so COLD HERE!?"... the other day she told me she wishes it could be summer everyday.... I quickly reminded her without winter she wouldn't have any snow to eat. She contemplated that for a minute, jammed a handful of fresh snow into her mouth, "yeah, you're right!", and that was that. Until the next day when her hands were "so cold they're burning!" and then she didn't seem quite as convinced with my argument. To be fair I'm not at all convinced with it so I can't blame her haha!

Ok, without further ado...Things need to be shared! this is important stuff! ;) Ready, set, go!

My sister, Hannah, and I have reopened our shop Rad Earth Supply Co.... We stock the shop with things we love... Clothing we've designed, jewelry and soon we will be offering some home decor and all natural personal care items as well. You can find our website here, and our instagram account here. 

I made these sugar cookies... and lets be clear, I don't even like sugar cookies... and they were amazingggg! But THESE (totally worthy of the capitalization) chocolate chip peanut butter ones are my favorite for lifeeee!

I recently had a bit of a head cold. Nothing major but it wasn't a field day either. I found this throat tea while hiding out in the aisles of Target (Chris was driving the kids around the block, they fell asleep on the way to the store... a Monday miracle). Anyway, its really great stuff. I made it with a teaspoonish of raw honey and the juice of half a lemon and it totally felt like a layer of silk on my throat. Just thought you should know.

Have you heard the news?! J.K Rowling is releasing another book! Whoop whoop! My friend, Britt (hey, girl!) sent me a link to all the info on the Harry Potter continuation a few days ago and it totally made my day. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. (Flashback to that time we rocked Harry Potter costumes for Halloween here. :)

About a week ago, Chris came down with what I'm 99% sure was food poisoning. It was hardcore and left me scrounging the internet for natural, home remedies for food poisoning. Then I remembered something my friend Amy told me a million years ago... activated charcoal. I already use an activated charcoal powder for natural teeth whitening (this), so I know all about how awesome this stuff is... but I've never taken it internally before. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Soooo I went to my local drugstore and bought a bottle (I got this one). Chris took a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar (the good stuff. raw. organic. etc.) mixed with a quarter cup of hot water along with three capsules of activated charcoal and some applesauce. And that was it. The symptoms of food poisoning stopped completely and he was feeling back to himself in the morning. I'm definitely not a medical doctor so take all this with a grain of salt, just figured I'd put it out there into cyberspace incase anyone else was curious. PS- Wellness Mama is a great site for natural remedies and things. 

I recently saw this trailer for the next season of Game of Thrones and it has me so confused?!

We were watching the Republican debate the other night and I made a comment to Chris about how something about Ted Cruz's face didn't sit well with me.... and then this morning he sent me this... and I literally laughed out loud.

Bridget recently posted a link to a blog about a family that bought a horse barn and are in the process of converting it to their home. This kitchen reveal is kind of amazing! 

Ummm what else?

Oh! I've received a lot of questions about our highchair. It's this one... and for the record, it's every bit as functional as it is pretty :)

Also, for those that have asked, the coffee maker shown in the video of this post is a Chemex.

I'm on Snapchat. Do you snap? It's fun! and kind of humiliating. Ha! You can find me over there @tissespieces. And speaking of Snapchat, that silicon bowl/mat thing from my story a few days ago is rightttt here. Anddddd that classy mug? You can find it here. ;)

The end. Hope you have a great weekend! We leave for vacation in the morning! Wahoo!


  1. OHHH, Westie's cherub face in that last post and this one!!! GOODNESS! It made me squealy the last time I read it and now again today.

    Traditional Medicinals teas are the shiznit; we love them in our home. I prefer the Lemon Ecinachea Throat Coat to the regular, but only because the licorice isn't my favorite. My mama loves that one though which makes sense since she loves black licorice.

    Isn't Jo awesome for thinking of us the bajillions of the rest of us peons who won't be able to see the play on the West End?? She is such a giver. ALWAYS. I nearly emailed you about this, but I already explode LOVE BOMBS {totally purloined from T. Gray} all over you enough as it is. ;)

    Thanks for all the dope links. Imma get that grammar mug. Except the one that's all black font, because the "could of" says "You're (see rule 4) a f*(#*$# idiot!". HEE!

    Wellness Mama is a fave, she is a wealth of information!! I also love Organic Olivia, she's an endless source of health and wellness knowledge too (and happens to be a good friend).

  2. Sweet pics!! This was a fun post!! I clicked on everything and bookmarked so much!! I even added the charcoal powder to my Amazon! Congrats on opening up the shop again!! Your babies are precious as always!! ❤️

  3. PS -- I need help in the smoothie making department... Do you have a recipe you go by? 😁

  4. How do you use the activated charcoal for teeth?? I am interested how to whiten my teeth without those nasty crest strip :-) thanks!


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