Turning 28.

I turned 28 last week. We had a pretty low key mini-birthday-celebration. We've been on vacation for my last few birthdays so I think I've gotten a bit spoiled ;) Nevertheless, we had a wonderful day. Chris stayed home from work and my mom and sisters came over in the afternoon. We ordered pizza and I made the most disgusting cake in the entire world. Navi wanted it to be a Barbie cake like the ones at the grocery store so we topped off the inedible beast with a doll jammed into the top of it haha! I woke up next to the cutest, sweetest, chubby little dude in my bed and Chris brought Navi into our room like a lit firecracker at 6am with presents that she had been hiding in her closet and a painting covered in glitter that she had made for me. It really doesn't get any better than that :) 

And here's a little annual "taking stock" list. (Last year's list, HERE. And the year before that, HERE.)


MAKING : Lots of beeswax candles. There's just something about that warm cozy glow in these winter months. I'm traditional candle/scent-free over here... minus essential oils, so being able to make my own candles has been so fun. They stick perfectly to the bottom of a mason jar so I'm putting these all over the house/bathroom. I use this kit.
COOKING : Kourtney Kardashian's rice crispy treats with vegan marshmallows. Haha! (I used the Dandies ones.)
DRINKING : Not enough water. Fun story... I had a mini-resolution to drink more water (gangsta status). And I had this water bottle that I really loved (it was this one) and then I accidentally left it on the hood of my car and didn't realize it until I was going about 50 mph and that sucker went flying up at my windshield and into a ditch. Soooo I recently just bought a water bottle replacement so I can get back on my hydration game. Because apparently I am incapable of drinking an adequate amount of water from a glass like a normal person. 
READING : About ten thousand Little House books every day. 
WANTING : To have a mini-vacation with Chris. Oh my word, that would be amazing. Pretty sure we would just sleep the entire time haha! I'd also settle for a date and getting to eat my food with two hands.
PLAYING : This song over and over and over again. And this squirrel game with Navi. She gets so mad when she lands on the "big storm", that girl is crazy competitive!
WASTING : Water... my showers are of epic lengths. That's the same thing I answered last year. 
SEWING : Holes in Navi's baby blankets. It breaks my heart every time she comes to me and asks me to sew up a new hole because she just loves those blankies so damn much and their realllllyyy clinging on for dear life. :( I am knitting things at a painfully slow pace.  
WISHING : On three of my 28 birthday candles. Womp womp. Navi blew out the rest at the very start of the Happy Birthday song. I laughed so hard I cried. We got it on video. Good stuff. 
ENJOYING : Seeing progress on our little home improvement projects. Chris recently turned a closet in our foyer into a little built-in-cubby-bench area- its SO cute, I'll have to blog it maybe? And we are in the middle of a little kitchen facelift which is coming along nicely. Also, I got these jeans for Christmas and I dig the way they hug my booty without ever looking like I pooped my pants at the end of the day. High five.   
WAITING : For Tuesdays. Because Pretty Little Liars. And thats what 28 year olds watch. Side note if they try to make Caleb and Spencer a thing I think I'll have to quit watching. 
LIKING : These sunglasses. They get me pumped up for summertime. (Thanks, mom!)
WONDERING : When I will finally get to sleep through the night again. 
LOVING : Life. We're in a wonderful place right now. These are the days, I'm sure of it. 
HOPING : That our upcoming trip to Mexico goes smoothly. Our Bahamas trip a few months ago with both kids went well but Weston is crawling and such now so that kind of puts this international travel experience into new territory. Wish us luck!
MARVELING : At how quickly this last year has gone by. My baby is seeming more and more like a big boy every day. And Navi is going to be FOUR in just a few weeks. What a beautiful whirlwind it all is. 
NEEDING : To grout the tile backsplash that Chris and I finally finished in the kitchen. Chris isn't into grouting so that kind of falls into my department... and I'm a procrastinator soooo lets see how long it sits there not being finished. 
SMELLING : Lemongrass and Melaleuca are currently diffusing... 
WEARING : Right this exact second? Well its Friday night so that can only mean one thing. Braless on the couch with my pj pants tucked nicely into my socks like a straight up boss. Also, these boots are amazing. For when I go out and brave the cold. Not for when I'm braless on the couch. ;)
FOLLOWING : This blog. And this one too. And this Instagram account. 
NOTICING : That Weston looks more and more like Chris every day. They are practically twins, its nuts!
KNOWING : That things are exactly as they should be. 
THINKING : About what life will look like at this time next year. 
BOOKMARKING : Crockpot recipes. Part of my continued commitment to get my culinary shit together. 
OPENING : A fancy chocolate caramel square. Its a nightly addiction. And lots of boxes and boxes of awesome clothing inventory.... because Rad Earth Supply Co is about to open up again. Shhhh! ;)
GIGGLING : At the voice Weston uses when he says "kitty"... He uses the highest, sing-songy type of voice whenever he says it, like the cat is just too delicate to be spoken to in a regular tone haha
FEELING : Grateful. And happy. I just can't believe this little life is mine. 


  1. Oh my flipping gosh, you have a blog?? I follow you on IG (like a creeper) and absolutely love your style and the way you write and your adorable kids. I love this... I turn 36 next month and I love to journal about what I'm thinking, feeling, wondering, hoping, dreaming, blah blah blah! I have this idea that someday my kids will adore reading mom's ramblings... 😉 Anyway, happy birthday and I loved the links! I need snow boots so I was thrilled you posted about these.

    1. Hi Stef! Thanks so much for the love and happy happy birthday to you :) xo

  2. Ya you are pretty awesome. I can't wait to have babies. Your blog/ IG are beautiful bits and pieces of a magical fairytale. The whats to come after this newlywed stage (which is where I am currently). From your little squares and beautiful words it looks like your happy ever after grew love by tenfold. ♡

    1. babies are kind of the best, Brittany... you're in for a real treat :) ... the newlywed stage is pretty damn great too though, enjoy every second! And never miss an opportunity to sleep in ;) xo

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  4. I just discovered you Instagram which led me here! I love this idea of "taking stock'! I just started my own blog and if it is ok with you I would love to post something similar! Look forward to your future posts!

    1. Absolutely! I snagged this idea from a blog a few years ago... and she had snagged it from someone else- sharing is caring ;) happy blogging!

  5. Spencer and Caleb are a thing!!! It's awful but I'm still watching and I'm sure you are too ;) hahaha

    1. This made me laugh... and yes, I'm still watching (sighs. rolls eyes) ;)

  6. Hope you had a blessed Birthday!! Sorry I'm just now catching up on your blog!! I'd love to know more about your candles! I got Emma a beeswax candle kit for Christmas and we've made several!! ☺️


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