Navi, at this moment.

We are about a month shy of her FOURTH birthday. Crazy to think we were welcoming her into the world four whole years ago. Where does the time go?

If there's one thing I've learned about motherhood in these last four years it's that everything is a phase. There are good phases and challenging phases but they both come and go like the changing of the moon. She's in such a wonderful phase right now. It seems like every day she's doing something that makes me think "k need to write that down!"... And then I don't. And then it's gone. She's kind of straddling the like between of being a big girl right now, so here's me trying to jot some notes about three year old things before they slip away. 

She's so expressive with everything she does, often talking with her hands and using lotssss of adjectives. She is such a little helper around the house always asking for chores and (usually) running to get me anything I need. She's really into Tank right now, she feeds him about four times a day and is constantly leashing him up around the house or brushing him. The other day when we were leaving the house she walked over and hugged him and said "I love you too, buddy. I'll be back soon."

She loves to help Chris get dressed for work. She picks out his entire outfit from head to toe every day and then ooh's and aah's over him repeatedly asking me "mom, did you SEE how handsome dad looks?!" 

The other day when she was eating breakfast she told me she was all finished and then asked if I could give her face and hands "a good old fashioned wiping." Haha!

The other day at gymnastics class they were playing this game where all the kids had to run into the middle of a circle and  quickly grab a stuffed animal. She often times would be the last one to get one because she is a very gentle kind of player. On the last turn she was able to grab not one but two stuffed animals. I was so happy for her. Then I watched as she turned around and saw the boy behind her standing there with none and without hesitation she gave him one of hers and then went running back to her space. Proud doesn't even begin to describe how that felt. 

She watches over her brother so wonderfully. She's always running ahead of him to pick up a "choker" that she's spotted on the floor or checking to make sure the baby gate is closed. She shares so nicely with him, she's figured out that if she wants him to not grab everything she's playing with she just needs to give him a toy first. When I'm in the kitchen and they're in the playroom and I walk over to check on them I often times find her playing some intricate game on one end and him sitting in a pile of toys on the other haha!

She likes to dip her scrambled eggs in applesauce and play babysitter with her dolls. She loves giving gifts and playing with her grandparents and taking baths and going to Panera. Sometimes she gives me a hug for no reason and says "I'm feeling kind of tender today." Sometimes she calls me her princess and absentmindedly rubs my arm or my back. She has started using "pwease pwease pweaseee" when she really wants something. She's a rule follower through and through. Around Christmastime I made a mistake with some gifts and she said to me "that's ok, mom! Mistakes are a good way to learn!" We've started doing "school" for a few minutes a day. We've been working on learning to read and she's making wonderful progress all far and I especially love it when she randomly says things throughout our day like "milk! Mmmmmm! Just like you! Mama, mmmm!" She's reallyyyy into taking pictures right now. I'll often find snaps on my camera roll that shes taken throughout the day (almost exclusively with a blue-ish filter on them). She also takes photos with her little Polaroid camera and has a collection of her favorite shots taped up to her wall in her bedroom. 

Don't get me wrong, we do knock heads quite often. Her smarts and "hangryness" and stubbornness are off the charts (just like her mama ;) which means she's got plenty of piss and vinegar to throw my way when she wants to. But as a whole? She's just good. Good good good. And I'm so very proud of the little young lady she's becoming. 

How wonderful that I get to have a front row seat to this beautiful show that is her life.

^^^ having a "pretend sleepover"

Morning tidbits. from Tisse on Vimeo.

^^^ And heres just a little video I took a few weeks ago of us doing morning things together. She loves helping with the coffee :)


  1. Love it! You make motherhood look flawless.... and yes I sang that just like Beyonce :) and really I need a video tutorial!

    1. hahaha! Thanks so much, Bailee! You're about to hit it outta the park in the motherhood department :) xo

  2. I love hearing about Na's blossoming relationship with Weston. She sounds like an amazing big sister and seems like an even sweeter, more amazing spirit.

    You are doing an amazing job being these beautiful souls most tender and loving guardian while they are here, mama.

    1. Thank you so much for that, Estella. Big hugs girly xo

  3. hey. that coffee maker looked interesting, can you tell me what kind it is? thanks!

    1. It's called a Chemex and we love it a little more than you should love a coffee maker ;)

  4. oh my goodness, I loved this post and SO relate with my two girls. Happy Birthday to your (almost) 4 year old!

  5. This!!! She's really the sweetest little soul!! ❤️ that picture of you two!! It needs to be hung up in her room!! ❤️ The video, too!! 😘


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