My top gifts for imaginative play.

It seems like the first week of December has flown by and I'm not entirely sure where it went? But the tree is up and (some) gifts are bought and Christmas Spirit oil is in the diffuser and I just ordered my Christmas cards... so I've feelin' pretty on the ball... for once! We try to keep gift giving to a minimum around here (you can find a great post on this HERE) and somehow, at times, the toy situation still seems to get out of control. I've recently done a massive purge of toys that were no longer serving their purpose here and I've really tried to narrow down our "keep" pile to the things that she really, really loves. (And if I'm being honest, the things that I really, really love. Because if I'm going to be tripping over it and playing with it for 230493 hours a day then dammit that toy better not make me want to gouge my eyes out!) Navi is big on pretend play and I'm big on toys that will last and still be relevant for years to come. I recognize that may seem like a lot to ask from children's toys, but after a ridiculous amount of toy research (that makes it sound scientific and important) under my belt, I think I've come across some real winners. Most everything on this list we own already and the things that we don't have we (or her grandparents) plan on gifting to her for Christmas or her birthday, so I can really attest to the quality and longevity of these toys.

Sooooo as your reward for making it through all those run-on sentences and unusually placed parenthesis, here is a giant list of our very favorite things to inspire imaginative play for the 3-5ish age range. Behold! (beep, beep, beep... affiliate links below ;)

1- Magna-Tiles- alright. You've probably heard by now that Magna-Tiles are the knees of the bees. I'm here to tell you that they're all that and more. We got these for Navi last year and she still plays with them everyday, they're totally addicting!

2- Shopping cart- This shopping cart has been racing across my floor for almost two years now and she still loves it. Super great quality and she loves that it looks just like the real thing.

3- Grimm's Extra Large Rainbow Stacker - I will be gifting this to Navi this year for Christmas. It came in the mail the other day and I literally battled myself to not open it, ha! The different types of shapes and structures you can build with it are incredible.

4- Babyboo Stroller - I love that this stroller is big enough to house more than one doll... and also that it can fit the cat. Because obviously that's a huge plus when looking for a toy stroller.

5- Wooden Discovery Box - A beautiful box to house all of your little one's treasures... and major bonus, it comes with a starter set of gemstones and fossils!

6- Grimm's Mobile Doll House - This little doll house just kind of folds right up into itself and has a carrying handle and such so you can bring it with you wherever.

7- Round and Round Swing - Pretty much a child's dream come true.

8- Tree fort - Pretty much my dream come true.

9- Elves and Angels Maine Dollhouse - This was her big gift last year and it was/is a huge hit! She plays with this beautiful dollhouse daily and I'm confident it will be a favorite toy for years to come. The assembly is super brutal (sorry Chris!) but once you've got it put together its awesome. We filled it with Plan Toys and Hape dollhouse furniture. Some of the little furniture sets we bought here, here and here.

10- Cleaning set - She loves helping out when I do chores but only if she is able to reallllyyy help, you know what I mean? Like that little mop has to really dunk in the bucket if she's going to get excited about it ;)

11- The Reindeer Wish - This is the newest installment from Lori Evert. All of the books in this series are absolutely gorgeous! Like literally the most beautiful art work I've ever seen in a children's book. Highly highly recommend.

Oh! Also a great gift for the preschool age group but not included in the above list... Guess Who. Remember that? We love playing together... sometimes she's all like "Does your person have a mustache like my person does?" its THE cutest! And Chris got her this squirrel game, the reviews look great! Annnnnd play-silks deserve a mention as well- they get used everyday around here... sometimes they're a river, sometimes a cape, sometimes a dog leash ;). And finally.... personalized wooden peg people. We ordered a set last year of our family and they are still some of her very favorite things to play with :)

The end. Happy shopping!

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  1. I need your must haves for babies! :) and pregnancy... and that book about how to kill it at motherhood! :)


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