A "shop small" gift guide.

There's just nothing like the character and energy of handmade pieces. I love holding something in my hands and being able to feel the emotion- the blood, sweat and tears that went into creating that piece. Seeing little things around my home that have been made by wonderful people is something that brings me so much joy. Soooo here's a little "shop small" gift guide just in case you're looking for something a little extra special this season. :)

Row 1

 Left: Dancey Pants Disco - gorgeous handmade dolls and illustrations. You can find the owner of the shop, Michelle, over on Instagram, HERE. And I can tell you she's just as wonderful in real life as she seems in her photos. :)

 Middle: Woolful Merchantile - the most beautiful collection of fiber conscious knitting supplies and goods.

 Right: Truche - hand stamped necklaces, wooden ornaments etc.... HUGE selection and awesome customer service. 

Row 2

 Left: Past Your Porchlight - amazingly gorgeous stuffed felt creations for the discerning felt-lover in your life.

 Middle: Iron Wood & Wool - We have two of these wooly dream catchers keeping space in our home. They're made by hand in California by the sweetest mama you'll ever meet and each piece is freshly smudged before leaving her studio. 

 Right: Fareisle - this shop is the coolest. Go browse, if not to buy than strictly for the product photographs alone, they're gorgeous! Handmade soaps, vegan cookie mixes, tea blends, jams etc.

Row 3

 Left: Melanie Casey Jewelry - I don't own a ring stack from her but I sure would like to. Hey, Chris! Write that down ;)

 Middle: Moonrise Creek - Herbal apothecary and botanical skincare. Lauren keeps this shop stocked with everything and anything you could possibly need- I have her nipple butter (for nursing, not spreading on toast ;) and its super great.

 Right: Elisa Shine - I bought Navi this little felted bunny for Easter and she's a big hit. All of the felted creations in this shop are so stinking cute... I kind of want a whole mini-forest filled with them!

Row 4

 Left: Petite Soul Shop - They have clothes and such for little ones.... but really, this bonnet. This bonnet. This bonnet. This bonnet. Pretty much my favorite piece of clothing of Weston's. Chubby elves are the best elves.

 Middle: Polaris Trading Co. - Beautiful handmade falsa blankets for a great price.

 Right: The Bee and The Fox - Home of the "mama bird" tee.... but they have tons of other great tees also!

Row 5

 Left: North Country Folk - I have the privilege of calling Julie my friend and let me tell you, she's the real deal. She stocks the shop (which is funding her journey with IVF) with her beautiful knit creations for adults and children and also makes the most wicked awesome pottery. I had a dream about this strainer. Dead serious.

 Middle: Kajsa Wallin - Gorgeous whimsical illustrations that kind of make you wanna curl up with a blanket by a cold window and drink some steaming hot tea.

 Right: Wish You Were Northwest - Sporty, outdoorsy, type of clothing. But not in a Patagonia kind of way. The owners, Tahnee and Tory, are so great and they're always making sure to keep the shop stocked with new designs. 

 The end. :) Feel free to tell me about some of your favorite small businesses in the comments section, I love discovering new little shops!


  1. I love @livingearthjewelry on Instagram (https://www.etsy.com/shop/OrganicOlivia) for beautiful, handmade jewerly using crystals. Olivia is a cherished friend and makes each piece with love and good vibes and cleanses everything with sage or Palo Santo before shipping it to you. She always includes free loose crystals too! I've gifted several beautiful pieces to good friends, and Olivia's good luck and prosperity necklace has, literally, brought me good luck in ways too numerous to count since I started wearing it.

    Another favorite is @barnowlprimitives (www.barnowlprimitives.com) for awesome handmade signs and other home decor. We have several signs in our home and I've gifted several as well, and they are always cherished! Kristi is the sweetest too!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing these shops, estella! I LOVEEEE finding new sources for handmade goodies! xo

  2. Hi Tisse! I am just now seeing this post. Thank you SO much for including Fare Isle. Honored to be in your picks! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!
    xoxo Kaity

    1. You're so very welcome, Kaity :) big hugs to you guys, and happy new year! xo


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