That snowstorm in November.

We had a mini-blizzard of sorts over here this weekend. We woke up Saturday morning to a dusting of snow across the frozen ground and by the end of the day we had over a foot. I went out in the morning with Navi while Weston was napping and she ate her body weight in fresh snow. She was in heaven. We stayed out until we couldn't feel our faces anymore and then later in the afternoon I decided to brave it with the little guy as well. He had been admiring the snow from the windows all day but I was a bit nervous to take him out in it since it was still so windy... He didn't seem to mind one bit, he totally loved it! He is teething so hard right now so I'm sure having an endless supply of ice cold snow to munch on was pretty much his dream come true. His first snowfall! Such a magical time of life to get to experience wonders like this for the very first time. I feel so fortunate to have this front row seat and be able to watch their beautiful lives unfold. On Sunday Chris was home and we were able to go out and enjoy the snow/freeze our asses off together, I made some soup, we watched too many movies, built a fire, decorated the tree etc... A wonderful, wonderful weekend! Hope yours was a great one! xo- T

Here is a little film I put together of our weekend if you'd like to take a peek...

PS- Just in case you were wondering... I've got a lot of messages asking about how I make these videos... I've always used my iPhone or Chris's GoPro and then put them together using the Replay app on my phone.... BUTTTT I just found the Lumify app and love it even more than the Replay one so that's what I used to create this video below :)


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