Our trip to the Bahamas.

We spent the last week on our first vacation as a family of four, soaking up some sunshine in the Bahamas. Chris's parents were nice enough to take us along on their vacation so we were able to have some grandparent support while we were there as well- Navi thought it was so cool having Nana just a short walk away! 

The trip went just about as well as it could possibly go- the kids did great, the weather was awesome and we made some great memories. It was so wonderful getting to watch Weston experience the ocean for the first time, seeing that's kind of awe and wonder in your children's eyes never gets old. Chris and I each got a lot of great one on one time with Navi on this trip too, which she just ate right up. 

I was so nervous about traveling with both kids, and it's nothing I ever would've attempted with a six month old Navi, but Weston is a much more easy going baby so I figured it could be doable. A beach vacation with the intense sun and the sand isn't really the ideal place for a six month old, but he was honestly such a trooper for the whole week. Navi loved every second of the day, the slides, the beach, the buffets ;)- she wasn't super excited when the party had to stop to go to bed though... (Especially because the hotel kept having these weird loud power outages at five in the morning that would startle us all awake?) 

Of course traveling with little ones in tow always leads to some good stories (usually involving body waste it seems?). There were some airplane seating issues that left me sitting alone with both kids for the first two of our four flights. Then there was the poopy diaper that was changed...under the protest of the flight attendant... in the aisle of the plane... while we were parked at the gate... because we had only 15 minutes to make a connector... that was all the way across the airport... because our first flight was delayed and our second flight was not. Oh, and of course the standard purchase of airport clothing due to vomit explosions. Ha! Mom! Always pack a change of clothes for yourself! Amateur move. 

It was soooo nice having Chris all to ourselves for a whole week, we spent every morning watching the sun rise (thanks to our rocky nights and ass crack of the morning wakeup calls) and even though I'd say it was pretty much the opposite of relaxing, overall it was so so great and we would do it all over again in a second! That being said, I'm not sure I've ever been more excited to be home. The look on Weston's face when we laid down in bed was priceless! Even our little Miss Bahama (aka Navi) couldn't stop talking about how happy she was to snuggle her princess sheets. :) The beach is incredible but of course there's no place like home. Even if it is 25 degrees. ;)

Here's a photo dump from our travels and at the bottom there's a little film I made of our trip. For some reason, like most family videos, it makes me cry.

Bahamas 2015 from Tisse on Vimeo.


  1. Beautiful Tisse!!! I love the idea of having videos to hold onto and not just pictures, so I really do need a video tutorial! Beautiful family!

  2. PS -- What program do you use to make your videos?


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