Our first night on our first trip as a family of four.

Check out that quality photo. You can tell this post is about to be legit. 

I should really go to bed but I just wanted to jot this down first because it makes me smile. 

On the first night of our first vacation as a family of four Chris and I sat next to each other in silence on the balcony of our hotel room from about 8pm until our eyes started closing. It has been a longgggg travel day for everyone and we are like a couple of zombies. We randomly would say a sentence here and there and the other would chime in. But mostly we just soaked in the humid air and the ocean breeze and detoxed from our day of travel. And then we just had a little exchange that went something like this:

Me: Hey taste that apple. 


Tastes fucked up to me. 

Like what?

I don't know like chemicals or something. 

(Takes bite. Chews with disgust.)

Meh. No I don't think so. It's fine. Just tastes like a Red Delicious... Even though I ordered Gala. 

Well you can eat it because I can't. 

That's it. That's the end of the conversation. Then five minutes later I started laughing thinking about how dumb it sounded. And then I felt the need to document it here. I'm just really glad that he's the one I get to give my half-eaten, reject apples to, you know? ;)?He's great. Also, I think I must be slap happy. And clearly we are both a couple of apple snob assholes. 

The end. <3


  1. You are hilarious!! Your feed on Instagram really gets the chuckles in motion. Weston is like two weeks older than my squish (i think) & i just totally relayed to your 6month recap of his experience with you.
    Hope you have a sensational vacation !!!

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