Lions and tigers and babywearing toddlers.

I'm working on blogging a bunch of photos from our vacation and I saw this post that I left sitting in my drafts from a few weeks ago... whoops. Delinquent blogger.

A few weekends ago we packed up with some friends in the bus and headed to the zoo. There is always some sort of repair that needs to happen every time we take the bus anywhere. This time entailed about thirty minutes in the gas station parking lot- adding fluids, leaking fluids, etc,. We (surprisingly) made it the rest of the way to the zoo without incident. Untillll we pulled into the driveway on our way home when the gas pedal just randomly stopped working. But that's neither here nor there! ;)

Poor Weston. His first zoo experience isn't very documented. Son, you were there, and you were happy, I promise. The thing is, you were strapped to my chest the whole time and I'm the photo taker- so that's that. After the kids had reached their exhibit capacity we took them to a little playground area to get some energy out. I sat down to feed Weston- not like he will eat in public anyway. I don't know why I even tried, womp womp. Anyway, sure enough he had cut his fourth tooth through while we were there. Such a little trooper!

On the way home our kids won the battle with Violet and Clementine of who can stay awake the whole way home. Violet even fell asleep with her head on Navi's shoulder... it was beyond precious! So so glad that my girl has these sweet little ladies to grow up alongside :)

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