Halloween 2015.

We had a pretty low key Halloween this year. My parents (aka Lego man and Lounette the clown) came for the day to visit and ended up trick or treating with us which Navi loved. Chris's parents came over for a bit and we met up briefly with a few friends to see costumes and such.

We drove to a subdivision in town (that just so happens to give out full size candy bars ;) and we were home by 6:15pm (my kinda night!). She had candy for dinner. Literally. It was the first time I've really just relinquished all control of her food intake. I'm normally annoyingly pushing healthy things 24/7 so this was a bit painful... But come morning her sugar hangover was mild and we're back to business as usual with lame Drill Sargent Mom, Lover of Peas over here, so all is well. She got so excited every time she would spot a house with its porch light on because she knew that meant game-on for trick or treat status.

Weston was such a trooper, as per the ushe. It was freezing cold and his little nose was so red but he really seemed to enjoy taking in all the sights- he's such a nosy little bird! By the time we were wrapping things up a thin rain was falling and he started looking up at me like "ummmm MOM?! It's cold!".

And on the subject of costumes... For weeks she's been so excited about being Daphne from Scooby Doo and she was even more pumped about having everyone in the family dress as a character from the show. Soooo we did the family costume thing, like we do every year, but in the back of my head I had a feeling she was going to back out of it. I figured the itchiness of the wig/not wanting to wear a coat (as is telling by the facial expression in the photo, ha!) would probably be the end of our matchy matchy Halloween long before trick or treating even started. Annnnnd I was right. Luckily I snagged up a Dalmatian costume a few weeks ago ski was prepared for the change of heart (unlike last years last minute costume change scramble).

^^^cracking into her stash of contraban on the way home. This felt very big kid-ish.
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  1. Love the costumes!! You guys are the cutest, as usual!! ☺️


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