Weston at six months old.

Weston is six months old today. Or rather he turned six months old a week ago when I started writing this.

He's 21 lbs and 28 inches tall (the same height that his sister was when she turned 6 months old). His hair has coppery flecks in it when he's in the sun and its growing by the day... so are his thighs ;) He rolls from one end of the room to the other, looking for some sort of mischief to get into. When we're out in public he is quick to offer a smile to anyone that looks his way... and then he quickly hides himself in my chest. He's very vocal and I swear he tries to say "mama" when I ask him too.

In the last two weeks or so he has started getting interested in solid foods. So far bananas, sweet potatoes, mangoes and butternut squash are his favorites. He is a very easily distracted nurser and completely refuses to nurse in public. He is starting to tuck his knees up underneath him and push his butt in the air in an effort to crawl. He has basically been teething nonstop for the last three weeks. He has six teeth (!), three of which he has cut in the last ten days. He loves being worn close against my chest and going outside seems to be a cure all for any grumpiness he may be experiencing. He hates the car, tears up at the sound of a violin. He loves it when Chris plays the guitar and is oddly coordinated with catching a ball. When I put chamomile oil on him he magically smells like a mix of the tea I drank as a child and the soft shirts my dad would wear on vacation. 

He sleeps by my side and folds into me like a puppy dog when he wakes in the night. His eyes are the color of the deepest parts of the ocean and he fills up every part of my being with his beautiful golden light.

Weston, if ever you look back and wonder why your early life wasn't documented quite as rigorously as your sister's, just know that it's because Life has gotten busier over the last few years and my hands are full with giving all my love to this little family of ours. Know that whenever you don't see yourself in a photo, nine times out of ten its because you are in my arms as I took that picture. I've been loving you with every part of me for several lifetimes, little man... And when this life is over I promise to find you again in the next. I love you, sweet sunshine boy. Xo-Mama


  1. Bah, I commented and then it disappeared into the ether! Such is life...I shall retype.

    So much about sweet baby Weston reminds me of my own follicularly-blessed, chunky meatball of love of a golden boy, Nathan, who was just a pound lighter and an inch shorter than Weston at six months. Reading about your bundle of joy takes me back to those days of babyhood where my jito was so attached to his mama...he started walking at 8.5 months and it seems like his independence has grown by leaps and bounds every day since. He's closer to five than four these days, but I can still remember every moment as if it were yesterday...

    Thank you for choosing to continue to share your heart and your love for your beautiful family, Tisse.

    Soak it up, mama...these are the days. Or as Tiffany says: now is NOW.


  2. especially that whole last part.

  3. Sweetest ever, dear friend! 💙


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