Just some words to calm my itchiness.

I get itchy in the fall. Not itchy like skin itchy, itchy like my brain won't turn off itchy. I have this need to create and write things that just starts to boil over. I have no real direction with the boiling of these words. Never have. But they burn and itch at the edges of my brain, begging me to put my pen to paper and set them free. Some days the itch is subtle, and other days it consumes my thoughts. Just bits and fragments of things I want to write swirling around chaotically in my brain.  Big things. Little things. Even just simple things. Like a blog post about Weston's birth story. (It's halfway done, just finish it already!) But days pass and still nothing to show for it but a Notes section of my iPhone that's bursting at the seams with half sentences and rambling paragraphs and love letters and pages and pages of open ended stories. But it helps to get them out regardless. Even if they just live inside my phone. 

Maybe I'll share them here? But I haven't yet, so probably not. 

The itch is currently driving me crazy and the pot is boiling so hard it's making that annoying rattling noise. I worry if I don't put out the flame all the water will evaporate and disappear into the atmosphere with nothing to show for it. Just lost words that I'll never get back. 

I'm craving a full day to myself to help quiet the buzzing with a functioning laptop (mine is not), a good pen and some heavy paper, and lots of chai tea with coconut milk and the Lumineers on repeat. 

That's about all the whining I can stomach from myself. I feel a little better just having got that out and maybe it will serve as a swift kick in the ass to untangle the little ideas (and the big ones too!) floating around inside my head. And let the record show that I typed this out on my phone while sitting in the shower with the water on as hot as it will go. The kids are asleep and the baby monitor is just outside the shower door, cycling between him and her. Chris is on his way to the store because like a couple of amateurs we ran out of nighttime diapers for the chunky monkey. He said he's bringing me back a chai tea. He's a good man. I'm the luckiest. The end. 
And here is a mirror selfie because a blog post just isn't a blog post without a photo. I took this last Tuesday to document my mom outfit. Which I actually totally love. Kinda looks like I'm about to pull a Werther's Original out of my pocket, doesn't it? ;)


  1. Lol this is awesome girlie. Love your humor

  2. I feel the same way, with so many half-started musings going unfinished that eventually disappear into the abyss of not being put to paper...

    I think today is the day I'll change that. Thanks for the inspiration, lady!

  3. I know that feeling! You're the cutest!! ☺️


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