Our trip to Grand Haven.

We took a little RV trip to Grand Haven a few weekends ago. This was our first real camping trip with both kids in the bus and I was a wee bit uneasy about how everyone would sleep in such close quarters. We brought the noise makers and all the necessary bedtime paraphernalia and to my surprise, everyone slept great. Except Chris who was exiled to the dinette/bed, bless him! We had a blast exploring the area and relaxing (that's a relative word when a three year old is present) on the beach. I absolutely love cruising around in our big, old bus and we're already looking forward to our next little RV adventure later on in the summer.

My parent's and sisters, a boyfriend and a friend all came along as well and slept in a tent in the sand right next to our bus. It was so great having some extra helping hands and some seriously entertaining fireside chats haha! Navi has gotten into this phase where she wants to introduce herself to literally every girl she passes between the ages of 5 and 18. Most people were delightfully caught off guard from the cuteness and were so so sweet to my girl. It was so hilarious hearing her say things like "yeah, I'm pretty tall for three years old" and "wow! those people were much nicer than THOSE guys!".  Weston just pretty much radiated cuteness the whole time and maintained his claim as World's Most Charming Baby. He is just soooo good. Like ridiculously good. I think surely we must be in for it when he becomes a toddler.

Anyway. That's about it. We've had a case of the sicks around here for the last couple days so my mind is like a big, sleep deprived pile of mush. See ya round here again in about a decade or so, since that seems to be the amount of time between my blog posts. And now for ten million iPhone photos....

And just in case you were wondering what our camping trip looked like through Navi's eyes, this next little hodge podge of photos were all taken by my girl. :)


  1. How fun!! What a beautiful way to spend time together as a family! We had camping down at the top of our summer bucket list...awww but my summer is almost over! Oh well! Hopefully we'll make it next year!!

  2. when are you driving that RV up through new england?!

  3. Sweet pictures and memories as always!!! ☺️


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