Our Fourth of July.

Fourth of July feels a lot like Christmas around these parts. Its a weekend that lasts for four days straight. Its staying up way passed bedtime. It's smores and cotton candy for dinner and sister time and fireworks on fireworks on fireworks. Its bonfires that stretch into the early morning hours and saying yes when you would otherwise say no. Its getting too much sun and taking the RV to dinner just because and connecting with people you only get to see once in a great while.

This was the first year that Navi has been able to go to a firework show. On Friday night Chris took her with my family on the boat to watch the show over the water while I stayed with Weston. She quite literally had the time of her life and seemed to all at once turn into a late night party animal. The next night Chris stayed with Weston and I took her with some family and friends to the show in town. This was only our second official Mommy-Navi Date since Weston was born so it felt pretty special to both of us. We ate fresh donuts and cotton candy and watched Katy Perry videos and played with glow sticks while we waited for the show to start.

Weston was such a champ for the entire weekend. I say it all the time but I honestly can't get over what a happy and easy going baby he is. I want him to just holler at me when the chaos and commotion gets to be too much for him but he's just so darn sweet... so I don't really know if I can count on him to let me know when he needs a break. I would sneak away every so often to take him on a quiet walk or to nurse him in my mom's bed, just the two of us, and let him recharge his little batteries.

Once the Fourth of July is over it always kind of feels like a big, full body crash of sorts over here. This week has so far been a little tougher than most as we slide back into our normal routine... whatever. Last weekend was so beyond worth any cranky bedtime or midday meltdowns that may come our way. And I'm confident that Navi made some beautiful memories to tuck away in that pretty little head of hers.

Happy happy birthday, USA! So happy and grateful to get to live this beautiful life we live.
See below for how ridiculous we looked when we tried to move to take this picture... our neighbors think we're insane haha!
^^^ Totally natural ;)
^^^ Fourth generation friends, born just four days apart.
^^^ Standing on my dad's truck while my sister took a picture and my husband snuck around behind a tree to get a #caughtgrammin picture of us.
^^^ She turned into a daredevil on me. She kept begging to go faster and would've gladly gone all day long if we would've let her.
^^^ The dinnertime caravan minus a bathroom straggler.
 ^^^ Her new fairy land. When she wasn't ODing on junk food, being a sparkler loving pyromaniac or a tubing dare devil, she was arranging and rearranging this beautiful little fairly land. (The name of the shop it came from is Ribbons and Ragdolls- you can find their Facebook shop HERE and their Instagram accound HERE.)

The end. Hope your Fourth of July was a wonderful one.

Oh and pictures from Fourth of July two years ago (because I apparently didn't blog about last year's festivities) HERE.


  1. Looks like a beautiful weekend, friend! :)

  2. What an awesome time!!!I LOVE that pic of Weston and your friend's baby, too adorable! WE had a hard time coming back from the holiday weekend, it is always hard. I always feel like I need a recharge day after a holiday weekend.

  3. I just love all of these pics!! That big hug... Oh, my Momma heart!! You and your sisters crack me up!! Such fun!! And Weston... He's so dreamy!!! Glad it was a wonderful holiday, friend!! xo


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