The home stretch.

Peace begins with me. I am strong. I am patient. Except when I'm not. And then I repeat these words or feel those little feet or Na kisses my belly... and then I remember. And I feel so so lucky. 

I'm quickly approaching that make believe fantasy mark on the calendar called my "due date". Navi was born at just over 41 weeks so at this point I'm well aware of what a fictitious thing a due date actually is. Either way ,I'm birth-ready as they say and so eager to meet this little soul I've been housing for the last nine months.

My body is slowing down in a way I never experienced with my first pregnancy and it's made keeping up with Navi especially challenging. I've also had some muscle and ligament injuries that have made things especially trying these last two weeks. Na is three now (which by the way, I've still yet to make a rightful birthday post for my girl. Add that one to my delinquent blogger rap sheet) and she's busier than ever ...I hate feeling like I'm letting her down and not being the energetic and fun mom that I so desperately want to be. Sooooo that in turn makes me feel insanely emotional. And then I feel guilty about that. See a pattern here?

I hope I don't sound like a complainer because I so don't aim to be one. We waited quite a while and shed many tears while hoping that this little star would find us and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to grow life again. Overall this pregnancy has been such a dream and I feel so so fortunate to have made it so far without experiencing any discomforts. Truly such a blessing! But. These last few weeks. Phew. 

Chris has really been the unsung hero in all of this. He's put in so much extra time and energy around here trying to help keep things running smoothly and keep Na and I smiling. I will never be able to convey how grateful I am for him and all he does for our little family. He is the most selfless person I know and it's times like this that I'm reminded just how lucky I am to be doing this life with him.
And despite these difficulties, the thing is, I'm totally a pregnancy misser. The baby will no sooner be a few weeks old and I'll miss this belly and this baby inside me just like I miss/missed it with Na. So here's a little reminder to myself when those crazy postpartum hormones give me a run for my money... There are things that will be even more beautiful and heart exploding than carrying life inside this body: I am so excited to hold this baby in my arms. To cover this baby in kisses. To watch Navi's heart grow as she learns to care for a sibling. To (comfortably) pick up my big girl again. Oh, how glorious it will be to pick up my girl! To run and chase after Navi in the yard and go down the big slides with her at the park. And let's not forget, a strong honorable mention to rolling over in bed like a champ. These things will all be beautiful. And I'm so so ready. 


  1. Ahh nostalgia. It always wells up right at the back of my throat :) Your post has me thinking so much of my last days of pregnancy with Everdeen...I know you're going to have an incredible birth experience and I can't wait to see who that sweet little soul is!

  2. Beautiful Tisse! I feel like i need to bottle up your wisdom for my future years. You're in the home stretch!

  3. Missed this somehow!! Beautiful, Momma!! ☺️


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