Life right now.

I wake in the morning to the sounds of you telling stories to your stuffed animals down the hall and the feeling of tiny baby feet playing in my belly. What a beautiful phase of life to have this as my alarm clock. You're three years old now and we've got one another pretty well figured out. 
Our days are peaceful and sometimes crazy (though in a totally predictable way if that makes sense?). We've fallen into a beautiful oceanic-like rhythm with one another and I love it. Our days are simple. We play, we create, we read, we snuggle, we snack, we mess, we learn, we explore, we love. The bigger my belly gets the slower our days are becoming. I try my best to take my cues from you when filling our time with activities but you also seem to be taking your cues from me. You know when mama is ready for chase and when I need to take things more slowly. We are after all connected at the soul, you and I, and at three years old you easily have the most beautifully sensitive and caring spirit I've ever had the privilege of knowing. 
Each night when I hold you and kiss you before bed I wonder if this will be our last "just us" moment. And if so, what will that mean for you and I? I hope above all else that as you grow older and look back on these last three years we've shared together you remember feeling loved. Loved beyond measure. That wonderful feeling you have when you run into my arms and you squeeze my neck super tight and I pick you up and spin you around and kiss your cheeks and we fall on the ground together in a heap of laughter. That feeling. I hope you remember that. 
This special, tiny sliver of life where it was just us; where you taught my culturally conditioned busy-heart to be still, where your little body worked to move mountains in my soul and you showed me how to be selfless, to be a mama. This time, right here, will always stand out as a shining star in my life's sky. 
In the next few weeks, while your fast asleep and dreaming the sweetest of dreams, your daddy and I will be down the hall working together to bring this baby I've been growing earthside. You will wake in the morning to the sounds of fresh cries coming from our bedroom and you will come in to see the new little life that we've all been waiting to meet. You'll crawl into my lap and though everything will have changed, it will still remain the same, and exactly as it should be. The thought of that first moment as a family of four, like all milestones of motherhood, make my heart both break and glow at the same time. The tides will rise and storms will surely ensue, just as they did when you were new to this world. I will feel scared and new lines of worry will undoubtedly etch themselves across my face but we will work together to develop a new ebb and flow of our days. And if history repeats itself the storms will soon pass and we will one day find ourselves as we are today, peacefully sailing along with the sun on our face and the wind at our back and a new little soul to share life's adventures with.


  1. Tisse this is so beautifully written, my eyes are filled with tears! I'm so excited for you and this blessed new little soul that will be here soon!

  2. you are the best writer! and these photos are just gorgeous! such a great stage of life to be in xo

  3. Love, love, love these photos (You're stunning!) and your precious words!! I've had those same feelings before!! It's hard to imagine (I never thought possible), but life gets even more beautiful with each new little one!! I'm so excited to see your bundle of sweetness soon!! Prayers for you, friend!! xo

  4. Beautiful!!! Where do you get your gorgeous skirts???


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