Turning 27.

Another trip around the sun. I'm celebrating my 27th year while this baby I'm baking is celebrating it's 27th week... I think this 27 year old version of me may be my favorite one  yet. She drives a station wagon, she's writing again (some big things and some little things), and she's getting more patient with every passing day. She's really gotten to trust, accept and know herself, what makes her tick, her areas of strength and struggle. She eats oranges in the shower, makes her own face wash and deodorant and is careful never to drop the f-bomb before 8pm. Most importantly, she's happy. And content. And full (literally and figuratively). And on this birthday, far more so than on any other that's come before it, I feel really proud of her. Flaws and all.

And here's a little annual "taking stock" list. (Last year's list, HERE.)


MAKING : Homemade face wash. (recipe coming soon)
COOKING : THESE peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. They're AMAZING. And no sugar! Gasp! You're welcome ;)
DRINKING : Carrot-orange-apple juice. And lots and lots of almond milk hot cocoa. Double marshmallows.
READING : Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. And about 20+ children's books a day, thanks to my miniature bookworm.
WANTING : Grapefruit. And summertime peaches. And possibly a rabbit (?!). And if we're just laying everything out then I might as well toss a warm-weather vacation house in there too ;)
PLAYING : Lots of hide and seek. And THIS song over and over and over...
WASTING : Water... my showers are of epic lengths. That's the same thing I answered last year. But its true... and I'm guessing once we enter into newborn territory the days of hour long showers will be a thing of the past, so I might as well mention it now...
SEWING : Not a thing. But I am knitting a sweater for Navi. Still. And a hat for my dad.
WISHING : For a smooth transition into being a mama of two and a smooth transition into big sisterhood for my girl.
ENJOYING : The mild winter we've had so far- we've been able to have outside time almost every day which has been so so refreshing for my girl and I. We need outside nature time everyday or we tend to go crazy.
WAITING : For springtime. I'm cool with winter until about February and then I'm ready to see some green.
LIKING : My new camera. Like a lot! (Hey, Chris, you rock!)
WONDERING : If this baby is a boy or a girl. And if I'll ever reopen my Etsy shop. I have a real love hate relationship with it if I'm being perfectly honest...
LOVING : This stage of life- a toddler in the house, a baby being baked, it's a great place to be in. And also this little family I get to spend my life with.... Obviously.
HOPING : For a peaceful birth.
MARVELING : At how kickass my chicken ladies are. They're a bunch of hard workin birds, I tell you what! Eight birds, seven eggs a day. And also marveling at the human body's ability to stretch and grow a life.
NEEDING : To wash Navi's favorite stuffy, Snuggle Bun. But I can't seem to pry it away from her long enough for a wash and a dry. I'm thinking I'll need to purchase a back-up Snuggle Bun strictly for the purpose of maintaining adequate hygiene standards.
SMELLING : Essential oils. I still have Young Living's Christmas Spirit oil diffusing in my kitchen.
WEARING : My new robe that Navi picked out for me for my birthday. :) and when I decide to wear halfway normal adult attire, it's lots and lots of cardigans and leggings.
FOLLOWING : a weekly meal planning schedule. Well not yet. But its a 2015 goal of mine to get my culinary shit in order. High five.
NOTICING : That I'm enjoying winter more this year than I ever have before. There's really something kind of beautiful about the peaceful tundra... the earth regrouping and gearing up for the next season ahead. I dig it.
KNOWING : That things are exactly as they should be.
THINKING : About what life will look like at this time next year.
BOOKMARKING : essential oil recipes for  flu bombs and such. And inspirational birth videos. (THIS one is wonderful by the way. And THIS one is probably my all time favorite.)
OPENING : A mini double caramel magnum icecream bar. Whoa, the goodness!
GIGGLING : At all the little toddler-speak thats goin on over here. Every time Navi says "Hey! I gotta idea! Hal about we go play ____!"... "Ooooo Mama! Your hair looks willy pwitty today!"... "Oh. Mama. I'm sawee, dat was jus a accident!"... "Now Mama will you pwease pwease pwease tell me a day-doe (day-story) pwease!"
FEELING : Grateful. And lots and lots of baby wiggles...especially between the hours of 11pm and 1 am.
 ^^^ Early morning bed snuggles. I told Chris what I wanted for my birthday was to sleep in till 11. She came running in at 9:30 shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMA!" and bringing me this little necklace from her dress-up collection. Then we snuggled in bed and told stories before breakfast. Her version of my birthday morning was way better than mine.


  1. It's a great feeling to have a bundle of joy inside of you and even a greater one to actually feel it inside! How you have a safe delivery and happy birthday!

    XoXo JuJu

    1. Yes! Exactly! Thanks for the love, Juju :)

  2. Happy birthday, beautiful mama!!

    I just found your blog about a week ago. I'm in love. You have such a wonderful spirit. Congratulations on baby number 2!! Navi looks like she'll be a great big sister! I think the best part of having #2 for me was seeing #1 turn into a big brother. It was amazing, and fun... and special.

    I actually found your Etsy shop first. You've been closed since I found it, but I LOVE your stuff, so I really hope you will open back up. I am pretty sure I need the kid/adult Best Friends shirt for my daughter and I. {And if you want to open it JUST for me - I'll be okay with that... I'll even take used shirts} :)

    Also can't wait for the face wash post.

    Really beautiful stuff here. Thanks for sharing with the world!

    1. Hi Jess! So much kindness in this comment... thank you for that!

      I think getting to watch her become a big sister is what I'm most excited about. She's so excited and I can also tell she's a bit nervous and I just can't wait to watch her little heart grow for her new sibling. I'm feeling pretty darn lucky over here. :)

      As for my Etsy shop... ugh. hahaha! I'll for sure be opening again- I have a ton of new merchandise that I need to get arond to listing and such and hopefully devise a better plan for shipping because what I was doing was NOT the most efficient use of time. So I have some kinks to work out and then I'll be up and at em again :)


  3. Happy Birthday!! I have a feeling you are going to have a beautiful 27th year! :)

    1. Thanks, Jessica!.. Its looking pretty rosy so far :)

  4. Happy birthday!! I just celebrated my birthday too on the 17th!

    I love this Taking Stock piece. I think I just might have to steal it to start doing it myself for a new tradition! :) I hope you don't mind.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. I'm due at the end of Feb with number 2, and I can't believe how fast it is flying by!

    1. Thanks so much and a hapy belated birthday to you :) And yes, something about pregnancy with baby number 2 just seems to make these months fly by... and make your belly button get all bossy and outspoken ;) hahaa!


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