My pregnancy thus far.

I've been meaning to do a little pregnancy update for several weeks now. I initially planned on writing something at 20 weeks- the pivotal "halfway mark". But time slipped away from me, as it seems to be doing more and more these days and so here I am, 26 weeks, with 25 week pictures. Better late than never though I suppose. With Navi's pregnancy I barely documented photo wise but I did write a lot more about it and this time I seem to be doing the opposite- a few more photos here and there but not a whole lot of writing to show for my time baking a baby.

With the exception of the first 6 weeks or so this pregnancy has been surprisingly similar to my first one. The first six weeks were a little more difficult because I had a lot of nausea and exhaustion that I didn't have with Navi but since then I would say things are even easier than they were the first time. Having a toddler to keep up with this time around I can't even express how thankful I am that things have gone so wonderfully for me. (Knock on allll the wood!)

I think a lot of the physical comfort I'm feeling is due in large part to a "been there, done that" feeling I'm getting, both from my body and my mind. I mentally feel so at peace and relaxed and that seems to be transferring to how I feel physically. And sure putting on your shoes is a bit more of a challenge and dropped things seem to sit on the ground a bit longer than usual but I really do just enjoy being pregnant. It's truly such an amazing time of life and it's so SO brief. I'd love more babies but I also fully recognize that life has its own plan and so who knows, this baby could be our last. That thought is always present in my head and it drives me to enjoy every moment that much more.

I read something the other day that my friend Haley wrote and its just really stuck with me. She talked about savoring the "last time" occurrences of childhood. The last time your baby asks you to hold her, the last time they say "I yuv you" before its said "correctly", the last time you wear your baby close in a sling. It just hit me so hard that I while I'm about to experience a slew of new "firsts", I'm also about to embark on a time of lasts with Navi. Speaking of lasts, we are about to take our last vacation as a family of three... And its just all so bittersweet. And I could go on and on about it but I won't  because I can fear my eyes starting to burn and my throat starting to close up and this is a post about pregnancy and whatnot- so I'll just save that for another day. It needed mentioning though- because it is just ever at the forefront of my mind these days.

Moving on.

I've been craving all things citrus. Really just fruit in general. I go through an obscene amount of fruit each week and my evening fruit bowls look more like fruit buckets. It's insane. I have an anterior placenta with this baby so kicks and such feel different than they did the first time around- the movement feels very strong to me, like I remember it feeling with Navi, but what you feel on the outside isn't quite as pronounced. Weight gain is pretty much the same as it was with Navi though my belly is a bit bigger than it was at corresponding weeks with Navi's pregnancy. I know it doesn't necessarily mean anything but all these comparisons make me lean towards thinking there's a little girl baking in there- but who knows! I'm so excited to meet this new little soul and watch our family grow and change into a family of four. And newborn snuggles. Shoot! I am soooo excited about newborn snuggles :)

I wrote a few bits on Instagram about my journey with growing this baby. Just midnight ramblings that needed jotting down but I want to save them here on this space too. So here they are:

Two hearts currently call my body home. There's not a moment that goes by that I'm not completely in awe of this whole process. I tear up thinking that in just a few months this baby will lay on my chest and we will look into one another's eyes for the very first time. And it will all be so new, but it will also be so familiar. Because really we've known each other all along. Our paths were crossed long ago in the dust of the stars and every moon I've seen leading up until this point has been a small step in our big journey towards home. Towards each other. And towards this new family of four.

24 weeks: the weeks are moving by quickly, little butterfly wings have turned to strong kicks and hiccups and I seem to have already found myself in birth-planning mode. We are planning another homebirth for this baby and I'm so looking forward to it... Especially the part where I get to meet this sweet baby I'm growing.! And until then, I'll keep trying to memorize how this exact moment feels and slow the sand slipping through the hourglass because oh how I know I'll miss it when it's gone.

25 weeks: For a year and a half we whispered wishes to the sky and waited for this baby to find its way across the stars to us. And just when it seemed like it was never going to happen, a spark of life took hold and now here I am, a vessel for a miracle that's growing by the day. And I am just so so grateful for this precious life I'm holding. Navi felt the baby kick for the first time today. We've tried before  but she's never felt a "real" kick- just me making my belly move so she'd think it was a kick ;) Today she felt the real deal and she could totally tell the difference. She laughed and laughed and then tonight at bedtime she wanted to take her pjs off to show Chris how big her tummy-baby was getting. This season of life is just as beautiful as they come, I'm sure of it.


  1. Tisse, I am just so so happy for you and this new sweet soul that will be joining your family! Such a beautiful time :)

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica :) We're just loving this wonderful ride and so excited for this next chapter. I can't believe I'll be a mama of two in just a few more months! Eeek!

  2. So very exciting!! You look gorgeous and I'm so glad you're feeling well!! I love being pregnant, too!! Such a blessing to follow along this journey with you!! Have a wonderful vacation!! xo

    1. Thanks, Leah... I'm happy you're here too :) Thanks for always being so encouraging :) xoxo

  3. Beautiful photos!! Baby #2 is a special time...I'm at week 37, hanging in there until we get to meet this one! It's wild to think of the 3 of us becoming much will change, again. I'm glad you're feeling well - long may that continue! Stopping by from On Your Heart :)


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