Make your own facewash.

Pregnancy hormones and my skin don't mix. My face goes totally insane when I get pregnant and the breakout situation gets seriously out of control. As soon as that baby comes out things settle back to normal and the hormone cocktail of breastfeeding seems to really be my jam, clear skin wise. So that being said when I got pregnant this time around I kind of knew what I was in for in the acne department. But then it started getting progressively worse. I'm very conscious about what I put in/on my body so I wasn't interested in any harsh acne medications. I had a friend who had tried the oil cleanisng method and being a gal of the crunchy variety, I figured it sounded like something I'd be into. I'm currenty 7 weeks in and I don't think I'll ever go back to conventional face wash.

Oil on your face? Yes. Crazy, I know. It's important to note that everyone's skin type is different and what works for me may not work for you. From what I understand the oil cleansing situation is a trial and error process and you just have to experiement to find the blend that works best for you. Luckily I was able to find my ideal blend on my first try. Hooray! When I did my oil cleansing research I found THIS post to be super helpful... and also THIS post too.

Ok, on to the recipe...

I would say I have combination skin and this is the blend I'm using:


2/3 cup castor oil (I use THIS one)
1/3 cup sunflower oil (I use THIS one)
1 tsp-ish tamanu oil (I use THIS one)
6 drops frankincense (HERE)

Mix all the oils into a glass pump bottle and voila! Homemade facewash. (Side note: you may want to mix this same ratio in smaller quantities while you're figuring out the right oil ratio for your skin type so as to not waste your product.)

Wet your face and massage the oil in with your fingertips for about a minute or so (no need to prewash your makeup off- this stuff does the trick perfectly- and it doesn't sting at all if it gets into your eyes fyi). Get a clean washcloth and wet it with as hot of water as you can handle and lay it over your face to kind of steam your pores. Rinse the rag and then gently wipe the oil off your face, rinsing the rag as necessary. Done. Dont feel the need to scrub the oil off, as long as you get the bulk of it off you wont look greasy at all.

And thats it. I use this face wash everynight and I've seen amazing results. And be sure to not change anything else in your facial care routine when you start this wash so as to not overwhelm your face with too much newness at once. A fair warning though: the first two weeks of use be prepared for you skin to go through a kind of detoxing phase...for the first two weeks my skin actually looked worse. I had heard of this happening so I was prepared for it and decided to stick it out and I'm so so glad I did. If at the end of the two weeks you still arent happy with your skin situation then I suggest adjusting the oil ratio. My sister has been on this oil cleansing journey with me and her first cycle of face wash wasn't all she had hoped it would be but she was able to readjust her ratios and find a mix that worked nicely for her skin.

Other than the facewash I try to not put much of anything on my face. I spray my face with rose water in the morning (I use THIS one and just poured it into a small glass spray bottle). I use a dab of lavendar oil (HERE) or melaleuca oil (HERE) a few times a day if I see a zit coming on and for moisturizer I usually don't need anything... but if I do I like THIS one. The end.

Oh, and PS- if you're looking for super happy armpits, you can find the recipe to my homemade deodorant HERE. And my recipe to make your own almond milk HERE.

Oh, and double PS- for those that have asked about essential oil stuff, I have a post in the works :)


  1. I'm going to try this!! Thanks, Tisse!! You rock!! xo

    1. Hope you like it... and remember to not be shy about switching around the ratios a bit if it doesn't seem to be jiving with you after the first few weeks or so

  2. Do you only wash at night or both day and night?

    1. I only wash at night. In the morning I will use a warm rag to pat my face or just spray some rose water on it. Hope that helps :)


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