Toddler/preschooler gift guide.

A little roundup of some of my favorite gifts for the 2-4 year olds in your life.... (aka kid toys that will actually be played with AND don't make you want to ram your head through the wall. Win/win! ;)

1. Magna-Tiles - I'll start by saying these are pretty pricey for a building set but everyone I know that has them has raved about them and the reviews on Amazon are outstanding. Also, it really seems like a toy that will have a lot of longevity and will be used well  beyond the toddler/preschooler years. We got a set for Na last week and I'm pretty excited to crack into them on Christmas morning.

2. Carl's Sleepy Afternoon - My girl is quite the literary snob. She absolutely LOVES books... but not just any book. She requires good illustrations, a riveting plotline and she likes it to be just long enough that she can feel like she's squeezing a few extra minutes out of her bedtime routine ;) This one by Alexandra Day is currently one of her favorites. Really all of the Carl books are outstanding and have been favorites of hers from the time she was about one year old... I highly recommend them. Just a heads up these are true picture books... the story is told through illustrations so the its up to the reader to narrate. I think that's why she loves it so much because she gets a somewhat different version based on who's reading it to  her.

3. Customized Peg People- Seriously the cutest little Etsy shop! You send the lady a photo of your family and she custom paints wooden peg people for you! Tiny play people are a huge hit at our house so I'm super excited to show her these peg people I had painted of the whole family :)

4. Block Set-  This is a great quality wooden block set with tons of pieces. Probably the best value on wooden  blocks that I've seen.

5. Jolly Christmas Postman- I reluctantly put this book on the list because in all honesty it kind of drives me nuts. I'm not sure why, its a cute book and Chris and Navi both think its great? Every other page is a little envelope complete with a letter or activity (like a mini puzzle and such). It's had a pretty good run over here this season and I'm guessing it will be sticking around for a while after the holidays as well.

6. Wheely-Bug- I got this for Navi last year and she wasn't really that into it... I just busted it out a few months ago and she now thinks its the greatest thing ever. She cruises around the house on this bad boy and there's no floor scratches in sight. I got the "large" size one fyi...

7. Play silks - We've been using blankets and rags a lot lately during our pretend play to simulate an ocean or forest or tent or whatever so I'm super excited about the addition of these Play Silks to our toy basket.... plus its another toy that will get a nice long lifespan.


  1. Thanks for the list! Just wanted to say that the Magnatiles are a HUGE hit with the kids that I nanny. The little kids (2 years and 4 years) love to watch them attract, and like to build simple things with them. The older kids (7 and 8) love to build more complex creations. They are truly the perfect gift for any age, and they are super sturdy and last a long time!

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