Christmassy things.

Here I sit, the night before Christmas, and I'm wondering where in the world this month has gone. It's hard to believe this is our last Christmas as a family of three- that thought makes me both a little giddy and a little teary at the same time.
Navi has really gotten into the spirit of Christmas this year and has been loving all of the decorations and such. Helping to decorate the house, chicken coop and Christmas tree have all been huge hits... holidays with a two and a half year old are just the tops I tell ya! The rearranging of Christmas ornaments has become a daily (hourly?) ritual and I'm certain the Christmas tree will have to stay up well into the New Year to support this newfound pastime.
One thing that has surprised me and warmed my heart the most this year is watching her get excited about giving things to others. She's definitely enjoyed the gifts she's received from friends and family these last few weeks, but what she has truly been most excited about is picking out and giving presents to others. For a toddler she's put an incredible amount of thought into everything she's picked out and has basically counted down the days till she could gift everyone their presents. She has such a hard time keeping a secret, bless her heart, especially with the gifts that she got for Chris and I. We've tried telling her to keep it a surprise for Christmas Day but whenever she would decide that she needed to talk about a present she would all but explode with the tension of the secret! "I need to get it off my chest! I'll whisper to you what it is, plug your ears!" haha! One time she wanted to talk so badly about what she got me so Chris said lets go in the other room so it can be a surprise for mama on Christmas Day and before she even got out of the kitchen she was chatting to him about  the details of the special socks she picked out for me at Target :)  
I'm just so, so proud of this little girl of ours. She's turning into such a wonderful little person and her spirit just lights up our life. Chris and I are feelin pretty lucky over here these days, we talk about it every night before we go to bed. I really hope she remembers a bit about this time when it was just the three of us- and I hope she remembers this year's Christmas season too, it's been my very favorite one to date.
I watched Chris set up her little train set tonight and I swear I think my love grew for him right before my eyes. He just looked so very much like a dad in that moment, you know? Stuffing stockings together and setting up for Christmas morning feels like such a parental right of passage, and I couldn't be happier to have this guy as my late night-Christmas-Eve-partner-in-crime. We;re so excited for her to see her little display of goodies tomorrow and spend the day in our pajamas around the fire snacking and reading new books and playing with new toys and such.
It's late. I'm excited. And I think I'm rambling. Hopefully it was at least a somewhat coherent ramble?
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas filled with family and friends and good food and fireside snuggles and all the other good stuff that this holiday brings :)


  1. Merry Christmas!! Hope you had a wonderful day as a family!

  2. Precious!! Merry Christmas (a little late)!!! 😊


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