Just the two of us.

My middle sister is currently in school for photography and she needed some willing subjects to do a little photo session with her for a project she was working on. (A free photography session at home from someone I'm more than comfortable with? Twist my arm why dontcha ;)
Navi was super excited to help out with the project so long as it involved a dress and a crown of some sort. Easy enough. We braved the cold temperatures sans-coat or hat for about a half hour or so and I'm SO, SO happy with how the photos turned out. Initially I was pretty bummed that Chris couldn't make it home from work in time to join in on the photo sesh (we still havent taken Christmas card photos so I was really hoping to get those crossed off the list) but looking back on it, I'm kinda glad it just ended up being just my girl and I. Most photos from our days together are just of just her. If I am in a photo with her its just a selfie or a timer shot of something, which is great too, and better than no pictures at all... but its still really nice to have some picutres with both of us together that I didn't have to take.
Some of my favorite photos that I have of my mom and I are the shots that just show her being 'mom'. No posing, no stiff looking-at-the-camera type of shots. Just her helping me mix cookies when I was a toddler. A photo of me sitting on her lap on Christmas morning. Thats the good stuff. The real stuff. The teeny, tiny building blocks that build such a wonderful life. Now granted these shots of Na and I don't necessarily qualify as "everyday moments", since our woods explorations typically don't include long dresses and afgans on the ground, but you get the idea. Just us, hangin out, doin our thing. (This just got very rambly all of the sudden, yes?)
Anywayyyyy, my sister is starting to offer photo sessions. And obviousy I think she's pretty great. So if you're in the good-ole Mitten-state and in the market for some pics, you can email her at hannahchemaphotography (at)(gmail)(dot)(com) to chat it up and such. Oh, and you can find her over on Instagram at @stuffhannahdoes. 
Heres a few more pics from our mini-session. Thanks, sis! 
Look! A picture of just me. And I'm only being minimally awkward. Hoorah! ;)
So after Hannah so kindly snapped these lovely pics for us I was able to convince her to take a dip in the 40 degree water so I could snap a few pics of my own. Don't worry, I had a hot bath waiting for her in the house so she faired just fine ;). I would've returned the favor and hopped in the water so she could snap some 'frozen lady' shots too, buttttt being with-child and whatnot kind of got me outta that ;)  


Thank you so much for your comment, I read and appreciate each one!

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