Halloween 2014.

This year was her very first time going trick or treating and I was so excited the entire time I could hardly contain myself. We drove to a local fire station and met up with some friends for donuts and cider and then went to a little subdivision nearby for trick or treating...they just so happened to be handing out full sized candy bars over there. Score! Chris and I kept looking at each other every five minutes like "can you believe this?!...we're trick or treating with our kid!...we're those parents!!!". Walking through the crazy winds as the snow was falling and hearing my girl say "trick-or-treat" when people opened their door, I just felt like the luckiest person alive. Trick or treating with your kid is even better than trick or treating as a kid. Who knew?! She loved every second of it and was such a trooper about the frigid temps.. and best of all, she only ate one piece of candy. ONE! and I didn't even tell her only one. She asked for a Twix... chowed it down and then was like ok, lets go to Nana's and play now. I'm gonna make sure I hold on extra tight to that moment in the years to come when I have to start hiding and rationing the candy haha!

 So up until noon on Halloweed she was supposed to be Rapunzel.... and so was I... per her request. Then we saw Chris's sister when we were out for a walk and she asked Navi what she was going to be for Halloween. Her answer? "A kitten!". I was actually pretty glad about her change of heart because my Rapunzel costume pretty much just made me look like a pregnant prom queen ;) Soooo we spent the next couple hours throwing together a kitten costume for the two of us. Chris on the other hand was supposed to be Flynn Rider and I sent him to the Halloween store to try and find something that could relate to our costumes. This "pig" (?) costume was the best he could come up with haha! Poor guy, what a trooper :) When we got out of the car the snow had started flying. She looked up at the sky and said "what this IS falling from the sky?!" We told her it was snow and she got a huge smile on her face and opened her mouth to let the snowflakes fall on her tongue.
^^^ Hiding from the wind.
 ^^^ We finished off the night at trick or treating and playing at Nana's house.

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  1. Sweet, fun, beautiful!!! I totally agree... Trick-or-Treating with your kiddos is the BEST!!! 😊


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