Around here lately.

These post titles just keep getting more and more clever, right? Phew! Killin it! Insert eye roll here.

I went to Texas for last weekend to visit one of my very best friends. He lives on an amazing ranch in the Hill Country with tons of animals... think Ace Ventura status. Giraffes, deer, kangaroos, horses, donkeys, dogs, cats etc., it reminded me that feeling you get when you go to a petting zoo for the very first time. Except this was a really, really great petting zoo. That lets you feed the animals with your mouth ;) It was a super fun and therapeutic couple of days, eating good food, watching junky television, kissing kangaroos and doing more shopping than I've done all year. I facetimed with Na and Chris a couple times a day and every time I did Navi just wanted me to show her all the animals... we'll definitely have to make a trip back with the whole family, I think she'll flip... and I'll cross my fingers that she'll then ask for a pet kangaroo (then maybe I can convince Chris that its a necessity ;)

I've officially fallen in love with knitting. So far I've made a hat for myself, a hat and scarf for Na and I just started on a sweater for her. If you're looking to get into knitting but feel intimidated by patterns/choices and such I've had really great luck with kits from Wool and the Gang and We are Knitters. They are both pretty pricey but it would make for a great gift for someone or a great intro into knitting. Each kit comes with everything you need (appropriately sized needles, excellent quality yarn made from natural fibers, and super easy to follow instructions) and the patterns are soooo cute. Also, if you haven't checked Ravelry yet.. get on that. It's like Google for all things knitting. thousands of patterns (lots of them are free), photos and reviews of yarn and such... its pretty neat. And totally overwhelming.

She picked out the yarn for this scarf all on her own. Its the first one she's ever worn...I can't even handle the cuteness.

Just a little photo I took last week to commemorate the 18 week mark. I cant believe I'll be "half-way-there" next week! It seems like the weeks are just flying by over here. I'm doing my very best to just take things slow and enjoy this time with my girl and my little bean. I know I'll certainly miss these days of holding a toddler in my arms while feeling another little one kick around in my tummy.
She's become quite obsessed with ladybugs lately. If she finds one on the ground (dead or alive, she really doesn't have a preference), she insists on carrying it around for a solid hour. Here we are pre-picnic in the woods... Na, San, and the ladybug. She told me she couldn't wait to tell dad all about our adventures when he got home.
I recently made this mason jar sippy cup and I'm oddly obsessed with it. If you're feeling like you need one in your life as well you can just trace the flat part of a mason jar onto the lid of a "take n toss" cup and trim to fit. Voila. I like to think of it as being the beverage holder of choice for the environmentally conscious and slightly pretentious toddler ;)

And a chicken photo bomb. Always.


  1. Thank you for sharing. I love the sippy-cup mason jar idea, brilliant! And your bump is beautiful. I too am enjoying the toddler cuddles and baby-bump phase, and know that it will pass too soon! All the very best with your pregnancy mamma x

  2. I love these pics as always!! :) So glad that you are feeling well and enjoying these days!! I'd love to try knitting!! I used to crochet when I was younger!! Also, totally love your use of the word "solid." It's been awhile since I said that!! ;)


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