"There's a baby in mama's tummyyyy!"

Come April of 2015 our sweet girl will be a big sister! We cant even begin to explain how incredibly excited we are about this... We've been wishing on lucky stars for another little one to join our family quite a while now... and just when we least expected it, BOOM I got pregnant. So crazy and kinda perfect how life works itself out sometime :) 

I had the easiest pregnancy in the history of the world with Navi so I was kinda preparing for the worst with this time around. Luckily, things have been pretty easy-peasy so far (knock, knock!). This time around I had a few weeks of all day nausea (one of those weeks also coincided with food poisoning...) so that was no bueno and I also had a few weeks of being super tired all the time but that seems to have passed as well. Overall, things have been great and I'm feeling beyond lucky to get to grow life again. It's just the coolest feeling ever!

I feel like I'm growing so much quicker than I did with Navi, I really didn't show with her until I was about 5 months along and I already cant fit comfortably in my jeans (or bras!) so that has definitely been different. Na is pretty excited and for the first week or so after finding out she wanted to tell everyone about the "baby in mama's tummyyyy!".   

I know I shared all this news over on Instagram a week or so ago but since I'm world's most incompetent blogger I'm just now getting around to sharing it on here. Whoops.  I have lofty goals of making blogging a regular part of my day again...I kinda miss it. And I really want to document this pregnancy and also the last few months of our life as a family of three. That right there should be reason enough to keep me coming back here on the regular. So there. Thats me writing it down. So now I have to stick to it ;) 


  1. SO excited for y'all!!! Congratulations to your beautiful GROWING family!

  2. Congrats! Navi is going to make such a great big sister!

  3. So So happy for you!! Can't wait to follow along with another beautiful adventure!

  4. I know I said it on IG, but Congrats again!!! So excited for you, friend!! xo

  5. You three, always so darn cute. How in the world will I handle it when it's FOUR of you? ;)


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