Some bits of our Fall.

 I've never really been someone who enjoys the fall. The leaves would start to turn and everyone would get all excited about boots and sweaters and I'd be left all "I want bare feet! I want a bathing suit! Wah. wah, wah!". Then last year I started feeling myself be warmed to the possibility of fall being a pleasant time of year. A cozy time even. And this year? I'm freaking loving it. I'm loving the temperature, the leaves, the fog, the cozy hats, the learning to knit, the trips to the orchard... all of it. It's so incredibly beautiful. One season fading into another, nature doing her thing. (This all sounds super hormonal, yes?) And it feels so good to not dread a season simply because it signals the end of summer. Now here's to hoping I can one day share these warm fuzzy sentiments about winter.
 Chris was out of town for a week on business. It was the longest she's ever been away from him and after about four days she had really had quite enough of it. She would ask about daddy all the time but especially late at night. I'd be rocking her and she would want to know where he was, what he was doing, what his hotel looked like, where his bed was. She behaved so wonderfully for me while he was gone (she even made sure to tell him when he got home that she was an "ETSSTWA good girl for mama". He got home on Friday evening after she went to bed so she saw him for the first time when he went in her room to get her on Saturday morning. I watched on the monitor as she clapped her hands and jumped up and down in her crib shouting "yayy!" when she saw him. It was the highlight of my whole week. She was extra attached to daddy for the next few days, always making sure to remind him that she loves him and how happy she is that he's home. I'm not sure if he's ever felt quite as special as he did that day :)

We woke up one morning last week to the most amazing fog I have ever seen. We couldn't even see the lake from our windows! It was crazy thick fog, like take a breath and feel the fog all cold and wet in your lungs kinda stuff. I went outside before she woke up to take a walk around and tend to the chickens etc. Normally when she wakes up she just wants to snuggle in bed and read stories for a while... she likes plenty of time to mentally ready herself for the day. Just like her mama. But on this morning I was able to do some sweet talking and I convinced her to come outside with me to chase the fog. She was hesitant on the prospect of a morning-switch-up but I agreed to carry her the whole time so that softened things for her a bit. She got a real kick out of the fog and we took the cutest little video to send to Chris while he was in his meeting.
 ^^^ I spy a peek-a-boo-ing baby bump ;) She told me this "sunset play time" was her favorite part of our day.


  1. I'm still in the "give me more summer" camp! It has always been my favorite.

  2. I definitely still crave fall the most. Every year come September/October I CRAVE to be back in the northeast. But winter, nooot so much. And ALL of those fog photos are just lovely. Wish we could have explored it with you!!

  3. Yay for finding the big girl camera! I love your i phone photos though!

  4. Why is this all so precious??? She's simply the sweetest!!! And your pictures always take my breath away! Navi looks so little in the one with the peek-a-boo baby... Thanks for sharing!! Don't ever go away!! ❤️


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