Phonetography 411: an interview with @miraecampbell

This week I have the amazingly rad Mirae Campbell sharing her phone photography tips and tricks. Her instagram is all kinds of awesome and inspiring. I love how she loves this big beautiful earth and I really enjoy checking in on all her epic adventures. You can find her and her lovely photos over at @miraecampbell .
Tell me a little bit about your rad self.
I'm currently 22 years young and living in Beautiful BC as a full time student & adventure-luster. People tend to think by the looks of my instagram that I don't do anything other than travel and explore for a living but I actually work 2 jobs (sometimes 3) to put myself through university and fund my adventures. I'm not sure where I will end up after toiling away at school (sandwiched in between all my outdoor activities since I have a problem of prioritizing the mountains calling over my textbooks calling), but I plan to spend at least some significant portion of my life helping and inspiring others. I am beyond fortunate that I have found my calling through photography & nature & that I am able to express my stoke through doing rad things. Someone once told me, 'Be in love. With someone. With something. With somewhere or simply with life. Just be in love, it changes everything.', and it does. I live my life guided by quotes like this, there are new things to be loved in everyday that you live and each day is gift so we have to take advantage of them all.  

What kind of phone do you have?
iPhone 5c 

Do you use any phone props/gadgets/additional lenses when taking your photos?
none! on my phone anyways..
Do you use the native camera on your phone or an extra app for your photo taking (such as Camera+ or the VSCO app camera)?
 Nope just the normal camera and I fiddle with the picture in my apps after!

What percentage of your Instagram feed are photos taken with your phone?
ahhh it depends on the phase in my life, sometimes I REALLY love my phone cam and sometimes I'm not feeling it. So maybe 40% ishhh!

Walk me through your process of capturing the perfect photo with your phone.
haha like ...literally??
-guaranteed if I'm in the presence of a sunrise or sunset I always shoot with my phone first and those are the pictures that go on instagram - because the beauty of an iPhone is that if your fingers are frozen you don't have to fiddle with much to snap a pic 
1) pull out my phone...
2) open the camera...
3) fiddle with the focus and exposure in the lightest part of the picture so I avoid that bled out look that the sun sometimes creates 
4) shoot it (probably 10 of the exact same photo lol) 
5) save it 
6) choose the best out of the million I took and throw it directly into...snapseed!! 
What are some of your favorite editing apps?
oh MANN where to start!! 
Any photo I take never makes it to the public unless it has been through VSCO and Snapseed.
Those are the basics and definitely essential. I hated VSCO until I worked with Alex Strohl and he made me love it, and now my photos can't function without it. 

It's probably different depending on the photo, but walk me through your typical editing flow of an image. 
First thing's first, it needs to go into snapseed - straight to the sharpness tool (picked up a couple tips and tricks from my beautiful pal Swopes) then the tuner and maybe the centre focus. Other than those I don't use much else.
Next is VSCO- filter selection, Im pretty stubborn and stick to the brighter and vibrant filters because they usually reflect how I'm and sometimes intense lol Then I fine tune it from there, move it into a couple other apps if its needed! 
Any photography pet peeves that you have?
HDR!!!!! It's nice when it's subtle but even then it's debatable, but it's actually so upsetting when people over-hdr their photos or over saturate and contrast them to the point where it makes your eyes hurt. It makes me imagine the person editing that photo to have a very harsh, loud and intense personality just like their photo...

What do you like most about Instagram?
It's such an amazing platform to discover like-minded friends and it's my daily dose of inspiration. It's pretty crazy to think about al the insanely talented people there are out there and how you can all be connected with them simply through an app. 

Any additional phone photography tips or tricks that you'd like to share? 
Don't take anything I say seriously, I'm not a professional haha

Thanks so much to Mirae for sharing her tips... more fun phone photography stuff coming next Friday...Good thing too, since my big girl camera is still MIA. And if you have any specific phone photography questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section :)

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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