We Are One fundraiser.

I've come to know of the Earle family through my sister and I can't even begin to express how much their story has touched my heart. The mother, Lindsay, has a debilitating and incurable neurological condition that leaves her virtually incapacitated for days at a time each and every week. I am currently hosting a fundraiser for their family and all profits raised will be donated directly to their GoFundMe account to assist with medical bills or whatever else is needed. You can find the link to their GoFundMe account, here. Bobby details Lindsay's condition so you can get a better idea of what exactly this family is dealing with on a weekly basis and you can also make a cash donation directly through that link as well.

The shirts are American Apparel unisex sizes (S, M and L) and are made of organic cotton. They are printed by me with a graphic that Poppy and Mint Design so kindly made for me. The price of each fundraiser shirt is $35 which includes shipping to the US and $20 of each sale goes directly to Bobby and Lindsay's fund... the remaining $15 pays for the cost of the shirt and the postage.

If you'd like to purchase a shirt please email me tissespieces(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know what size you would like and I'll send over a PayPal invoice.

If you're on Instagram you can find Bobby at @bobbyearle and Lindsay at @lindsayearle. And if you feel called to do so, you can spread the word about the fundraiser and use hashtag #weareonefundraiser and you will be entered into a raffle to win a customized bracelet from my Etsy shop.

Let's spread the love and stand behind this wonderful family and show them our support. I know that a monetary donation isn't going to take away Lindsay's condition but I hope that it can help to ease their burden, if only slightly, during this challenging time in their lives. We are one. And together we can move mountains. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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