Our evening at the hot air balloon races.

We went with a few friends to check out some hot air balloons at a local festival. We put bedtime on the back burner, our dinner consisted of elephant ears and fair lemonade and we had our first toddler-in-a-porta-potty experience. Ha! Na rode not one but two ponies, raced down the big yellow slide and watched as dozens of hot air balloons filled the sky at sunset. She had a blast and it was just one of those evenings that I look around and feel so overwhelmingly blown away that this wonderful little family is mine. Life is good.
 ^^^ This magical moment happened rightttt before she suddnely realized how ready she was for bedtime ;)

^^^ I can't even tell you how many times Na and I have watched this little video on my phone. I hope this is one of those early childhood memories that she locks away in a special little place of her heart <3


  1. That video is precious! Looks like a blast!

  2. cutest little video ever! oh man there's just something so amazing about hot air balloons

  3. I love following your rad adventures. By far the sweetest family!


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