These last couple of days.

Chris went out of town on Saturday for a business thing and Na and I flew solo until he got home late Tuesday night. Even though her and I are normally together all day, and it was only four days on our own, it still felt different. And kinda special.

When she was little I would dread it if Chris was going to be out of town for even a day. Hell, I didn't even like it when he would get home late! ;) But now? Things are different now. Back then I was in the depths of new motherhood and still trying to get my bearings on life with a new little person in tow. Her and I are buddies now, Laverne and Shirley, Dorothy and Sophia if you will. We have a system and 99% of the time, it works pretty darn great. She knows just what to do to make my mama-heart skip a beat and I know just what to do to get her rolling around on the floor in a pile of giggles. And even though we sure did miss having Chris around, we really had a lot of fun these last few days. We played in the rain, got ice cream with my family, went swimming after a thunderstorm and even pushed the limits of bedtime. We didn't do anything out of the norm really, but everything just felt, I don't know, like an extra big adventure I guess.

On our last day of being "jut us girls" we went to dinner together, she got the spaghetti with "red dippin sauts", our waitress was smiling while she was filling up our drinks and finally said "I can tell you guys have a lot of fun together, she's really somethin else!"...she had no idea how right she was :). I sent Chris a selfie of us at dinner together... he texted back "we've got the coolest kid". Word.

That night I put her to bed (which was special in and of itself because normally bedtime is Chris's game), I rocked her for a while and then I thought she was asleep so I laid her down as gently as I could. I kissed her on the forehead and told her I loved her. As I was walking to the door I heard her quietly say, "i lub ou too, mama". And then I cried the happiest of tears. And I'm crying them again now as I write this. Not because she's never told me she loved me before, (in fact I'm blessed enough to hear those words on regular), but because for whatever reason that tiny moment shared between her and I is going down in the books as one of my most cherished moments of parenting to date.

Side note: as for all the single parents out there who manage to keep a household afloat on a daily basis? Holy cow does my hat go off to you! By the time Chris got home there were dishes stacked in the sink two feet high and I'm just now finally seeing what the cushions of my couch look like again. You know, because of the mile high laundry pile...


  1. <3 Adorable!!! Sounds like you have an amazing few days!!!!!!! And she is so dang cute!!!


    1. Thanks, Brianna :) we had a blast... even with two days of skipped nap time, can you believe it?!

  2. Precious pictures and moments!!! ❤❤❤

  3. She's the best! 😍 you guys are lucky lucky!


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