My balloon for Ryan.

This week my Instagram feed was bursting with photos and mementos of remembrance for this sweet boy. His name is Ryan Saldana. He was three years old and last Friday he was hit by a truck while running to catch a frisbee. His mama was a part of this great big blogging world and news of his passing circulated like wildfire. I watched as thousands upon thousands of people who had never even met the family all rallied together to form a circle of love around the Saldanas. It has truly been a painfully beautiful thing to watch. 

This family has been heavy on my mind all week. They're walking through every parent's worse nightmare and I just hope and pray that they find the strength they need right now. Navi is two and I sometimes still feel the need to check her breathing at night. I'm scared of her driving in the car with other people. My heart drops dozens of times a day as I watch her clumsy toddler feet navigate this accident-waiting-to-happen world. We protect our kids as best we can, we obsess over their safety, wellbeing and happiness. But at the end of the day, life is messy. And complicated. And unpredictable. And accidents happen. So you just hold on to these moments as tight as you can before they pass and thank heaven above every morning that you get to wake up to one more day of with the people you love. One more day to hug and kiss and say your I love you's. I am stating for the record here and now that never will I complain about a birthday. What a privilege it is to grow old and have this precious time with your loved ones. To watch your children grow... and your children's children! To hold their hand and hear their voice and smell their hair. To have a home filled with sticky handprints and pictures of scribbles hanging on the walls. Oh what a gift each new day is! What a gift being a mama is! I am in tears now and my heart just aches for Dan and Jacqui...for all the parent's of angel children, be them lost in the womb or earthside, my heart and love goes out to you. Know that your angels will never be forgotten.

There in an Instagram auction going on today from 7am PST - 7pm PST over at @redballoonsforryan. Over 600 amazing items have been donated and all the money raised will go to Ryan's family. Of course nothing in this world will bring back their beautiful, red-haired boy.... but we can certainly shower them in love and support while they walk through this terrible time. Please spread the word and in doing so, spread the love. Lets remember Ryan. Lets remember all the angel children.... because its truly the tiniest footprints that leave the biggest and most beautiful marks on this world. 

We are one
We are love
We are how we treat each other when the day is done.

We are peace
We are war
We are how we treat each other and nothing more.
(Nothing More by The Alternate Routes... its an amazing song. check it out.)

(to see the beauty happening in this online community, search the hashtag #redballoonsforryan)


  1. lovely...I´m so sorry for Saldana´s family, and little Ryan ..

  2. i heard about this and it still crosses my mind on a daily basis since then. i too will never complain on my birthdays. my brother died of cancer in the summer of 2011 (seems like yesterday) and it makes one realize even more that - --- just think, when you may be complaining about your age, there is someone laying sick somewhere just praying to reach it. God Bless that poor family, it is one of life's mysteries why such things happen. Only time will heal but i don't believe time heals all wounds, it just takes some of the sting out over the years.

    1. I'm so sorry about your brother, Amy... I cant even imagine losing a sibling... my heart just aches for you. Lots of love your way and cheers to living this life the absolute fullest and cherishing ever single second <3

  3. I just saw this post.
    Thank you so much for your kind words and all you have done to help our family.
    Love your Navi for us and for Ryan.


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