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^^^ Saturday morning happenings.
 ^^^she's been asking me to draw stick people and then we name them and she pretends to feed them and play with them... its so precious and heartbreaking all at the same time.
^^^ when in doubt, double the chocolate recipe... and bake your cookies in cupcake tins. high five.
 ^^^fresh from the oven. i used this recipe... super easy and SOOO delicious!
 ^^^the two of them in a picture is really the knees of the bees for me.
 ^^^reaching for the sun. my seedlings are almost ready to head outside, so exciting!
^^^when we came home from our trip she told me that Sandy said she "missed Navi really bad"... I think she was right.
*And a few from the iphone too...*
 ^^^ green!!! I can hear the world starting to breathe again and it feels pretty wonderful!
^^^ finding a bit of peace at the end of a not so peaceful day. breathing in the sunshine, filling up my soul.
^^^ dressing room yoga. the usual. "look mama, tee pose! tee pose!"
^^^ i want to remember this... we were tossing rocks into the lake and her fluffy ponytail was glowing in the sun. this cell phone picture really doesn't do it justice.
^^^ half a bagel spread with a quarter of an avocado, sprinkled with salt and pepper and bits of cilantro. this has been my lunch for the last ohhhh two weeks or so. you're welcome. ;)
^^^ hunting rocks while I do the dishes... for about three minutes, then all that exploring must've gotten to be too overwhelming and she came in and declared she needed a "nuggle break".
^^^ her favorite. mine too.
^^^ visiting old friends from last summer. she calls him "little one".
^^^a tye-dyed sky always requires you to pull your car over and stand in the road to take a photograph. always.


  1. LOVE your kitchen sink/bathtub, countertop, view out the window, photos, and chalk people! I literally laughed out loud at the part where you baked cookies in the muffin tin, ha! Awesomeness. Avocado on toast is one of my favs… also that shot of Navi in the little boots visiting the horses, love!! :)

    1. Thanks! We found the sink online a few years ago on the super cheap... we had no idea at the time what an awesome tub it would make ;) ... and for realllll about the cookies in the muffin tin... you gotta try it! it makes the whole cookie so much more ooey gooey in the middle... and they bake a lot faster for us impatient folks ;)

  2. You know, or maybe you don't, that avocado toast is my JAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM. So you just took it up a notch with bagels. Now you got me craven' yet again...

    1. I had no idea?! And just when I thought I knew you like a book... you throw this one me?! ;) Also also also... add salsa on top, you know, when you're feeling extra feisty and what not.

  3. I don't know where to begin because I LOVE all of these pics so much!!!! :)


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