Turning 26.

I turned 26 about a month ago while we were in Florida. It felt good... in a very this-is-exactly-where-I'm-supposed-to-be sort of way.

My last birthday Navi wasn't quite a year old and I quite honestly felt like I was still in a bit of a baby fog and trying to keep my head above water. The birthday before that I was very pregnant and anxiously awaiting the birth of our sweet girl. The birthday before that I was worrying when and if we would ever get pregnant. You get the idea. Compared to birthdays past, 26 feels very settled, very at peace, very comfortable. Seeing Navi come toddler-running over to my hotel bed in the morning, naked, belly out, feet stomping, arms waving in the air, chanting my name as if its the best word in the whole world...it felt pretty darn amazing. Yes, this is exactly where I'm supposed to be.

I'm usually pretty on the ball when it comes to documenting Navi's life and then not so great about documenting my own. In an effort to remedy that, here is a little list that I've seen popping up all around the web (and I think it started at Pip's blog...) that I'd like to make a birthday tradition of mine.


MAKING : Homemade deodorant. Yeah, for real. (It rocks by the way! Recipe coming soon...)
COOKING : Most recently? Butternut squash ravioli. Of the frozen variety. Does that count? No? Well, then vegetable soup... of the homemade variety. High five.
DRINKING : Tea (of the hormone balancing variety). Also orange, berry, banana, spinach, chia seed smoothies.
READING : Honestly just a bunch of blog posts. And current events news. But I have lofty goals to finish the last book in the Divergent series if it kills me. Some day...
WANTING : A good natural shampoo/conditioner recipe. I'm on the hunt...
PLAYING : Lots of hide and seek, chase, dollhouse" and "RV". Also, this song. And this one, too.
WASTING : Water... my showers are of epic lengths.
SEWING : Not so much...
WISHING : For warmer weather. I'm done with winter. Like wayyyy more done than I normally am this time of year.
ENJOYING : The rare above freezing day when we get to enjoy the sun and snow together as a family.
WAITING : For my upcoming mini-vacation/sister-trip. Also for warmer weather... have I mentioned this already? Yeah...
LIKING : My renewed love of yoga and how good I feel after spending some time centering, stretching, balancing and connecting.
WONDERING : What life will look like at this time next year.
LOVING : My girl and my guy... seemingly more and more by the day. They truly light my sky. Also, in a more loosely used sense of the word, I am loving my tattoo. Seeing it and reflecting on what it represents never ceases to make me smile.
HOPING : That Navi will someday in the not so distant future decide that sleeping through the night is a good thing. And also that I will get to photograph a birth sometime this year.
MARVELING : At Navi. Always at Navi. Everything she says, everything she does... I'm that parent that thinks my kid's sneeze is beyond spectacular. (And for the record, it kind of is ;)
NEEDING : More sleep.
SMELLING : Chocolate chip peanut butter cookies in the oven. Na and I have an addiction.... mostly to the dough....and then Chris takes care of what makes it out into cookie form...
WEARING : More days than not its this sweatshirt and these yoga pants. Fancy.
FOLLOWING : This new blog (and her instagram account, here). She is an amazing photographer, has a beautiful way with words and her river stories put a big fat lump in my throat for reasons I can't even explain.
NOTICING : Little lines around my eyes. A wonderful telltale sign of a life full of laughing.
KNOWING : That life is exactly as it should be.
THINKING : That every episode of this last season of Breaking Bad is going to have me sweating bullets. We're a bit behind so we're Netflix-ing it... no spoilers. Team Jessie, by the way.
BOOKMARKING : All things pertaining to RV adventuring.
OPENING :  An Etsy shop! I've been screen printing adult and toddler tees and stamping metal bracelets like a boss. 
GIGGLING : Every time I hear Navi say "Oh my goo-ness!".
FEELING : Happy. Oh, so happy! And grateful. And sometimes overwhelmed, and also exhausted. And my last thought before I fall asleep is always that I am so, so lucky.


  1. Great tradition for your birthday. Even though I kept getting this feeling that I've heard all these things before... hmmm. ;) I love the place you are in and that you're so happy with it, and I hope to literally see the place you are in at some point as well! Here's to an amazing year, because it will most definitely be that.

    And P.S. Did you have to throw in the birth photography thing just to make me cry? You need to be closer. Not me needing to be closer, no. It's your fault! YOU do!

    1. Thanks so much, love muffin... a visit is most certainly going down- either on your end or my end. Or both! And omg how amazing would it be if your birth is the one I photographed. I would die. (cry face)

  2. Happy belated birthday Tisse!! What a perfect description of year 26! Hope it is the best one yet.

    1. Thanks so much, beautiful lady! xoxo

  3. Just adore this...the perfect tradtion to start. And I can't wait for your etsy store!!!!!!

    1. Me too! I'll be sure to announce it on here when I open the "doors" :)

  4. Have you thought about the "no poo" method of washing your hair? I've thought about it but I'm not that brave. I've been interested in screen printing, I even saw a screen printing thing on shopgoodwill.com but I didn't know enough to actually buy it.

    1. I have but I haven't heard enough good things about it to take the plunge... I'm determined to find something good though- I'm hard on the hunt! Do some Googling- I learned how to print strictly from self-teaching from YouTube videos :)

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! Can't wait for your etsy shop!

    1. Thanks so much... me too! I'll be sure to write about it on here when things are up and going :)


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