Of the "life lately" variety.

For as long as I can remember I've had a compulsion with documenting life. Photo taking. Jotting down. Remembering. Even as an elementary school student I can remember feeling nervous about not having a tangible memory of the moments I was experiencing. In an effort to curb the anxiety I had over not being able to "look back" on the moments I was living, I took photos. Lots and lots of photos. It's kind of out of this need to document that this little blog came about. Its nice to  have an organized place to view these memories of mine. A place to reflect on all the things (both of the little and big variety) that make this life so special. On the daily, I make the choice to focus on the good in my life and choose joy in the moments that aren't so great. Life is good, but we certainly have our fair share ups and downs... that being said, from what I've learned, if you look hard enough  you can find the good in any moment. Even the dark, messy stuff.

I'm not sure why I felt compelled to write that down, I just did. Anyway, even though I pretty much blog iPhone pics on the regular, I haven't done a real iPhone dump on this space since this one back in August. So given my compulsion for documenting and not wanting to let memories fall to the wayside, I figured this video slideshow would be the easiest way to bookmark this massive assortment of phone-captured-memories, from August to December, on this little time capsule-ish space of mine. And here's to (hopefully) dumping my phone photos in a more routine, manageable way in 2014...

This counts as a blog post, right? Right.



  1. oooh. Love this idea for a dump. By the way, I'm reading backwards, and just realized I totally didn't do a 19 month update on Declan either. My resolve lasted for one month apparently. Maybe my 2014 resolution will be to stick with resolutions.

  2. Love the video!! I'm obsessed with remembering, too! :)


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