Detail pieces.

^^^ Helping to build her new "closet-fort".
^^^ That little mitten is pointing to deer poop on the ground. Our conversation went like this:
Mama! Choc-chip?!
No, baby, that's deer poop.
Deer poop?
Yeah, that's yucky we don't touch deer poop.
Not choc-chip?
Not chocolate chips.
For the rest of the day she would randomly blurt out "Deer poop! Not choc-chip!"... it kind of made my day.
 ^^^ Bits of ice creeping towards shore.
 ^^^ The last full moon of the year. I went outside to take pictures at midnight. Chris declared me insane.
^^^ Enjoying some partner yoga time with her and her stuffed animals...she calls it "yoga fips (flips)".
 ^^^ She's very adamant about making her own meal choices. I give her three choices she picks one.
 ^^^ I'm trying to get loaded up into the car for some grand excursion, she's tending to dust bunnies.
 ^^^ "No more straw-bears?"... This girl misses summer gardening.
 ^^^ She noticed her reflection in a puddle for the first time.
 ^^^ She was napping in the car in the driveway. We were playing in the snow. YOLO ;)
 ^^^ Cozy boots. (Mine came to me secondhand... but they're made by a boot shop in Vail, Colorado. You can find her booties, here.)
 ^^^ I had a miserable few days of insomnia last month. The upside was catching the sunrise for the first time in a long time. This is what it looked like out my bedroom window.
 ^^^ Playing on the train tracks with my sis while Na enjoyed a visit with Gaga and Papa.
^^^ Catching snow balls.
 ^^^ Morning smoothie sharing. By the way, in case you're wondering, orange juice, frozen mixed berries, a banana and a giant handful of spinach are all the rage over here in toddlerville. Bonus points for fresh ginger and/or kale.


  1. Your boots and bedroom view. Too great.

    And now I want a smoothie. THANKS.


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