Our first trip to a Christmas tree farm.

On a freak 55 degree day, on the 1st of December, Navi and I both had our first trip to a Christmas tree farm. My family has always been pro-fake tree (as am I) so it was nice to see how the other half of the Christmas-tree-decorating folk do things. In addition to the glorious weather, it was a great way to celebrate Chris's mom's birthday while getting a final dose of fresh air before the frigid temperatures turned us into house hermits. Navi's favorite part of the event was getting to dig in a rotten log to scoop out dirt and then pouring said dirt into everyone else's hands. The pride of a toddler running your way with both hands full of dirt and rocks to give you is quite a beautiful thing, let me tell you.


  1. Fun times!! Love these sweet pictures! :)

  2. I'm such a real tree person, I just don't know if I could ever switch. The SMELL. and the experience! And also, why are you guys not wearing shorts and tanks?? Wasn't that virtually like summer there? ;)

    1. Well I of course had my shorts on but that pesky wind chill will get you every time ;) And as for the real tree thing... its just so.much.work! And messy! and its a REAL tree! I realize that sounds lame but thats my stance on the whole thing. It was a fun experience though... but I think I'll just let the in-laws do their thing and we'll tag along and then bust up our fake-fluffed bad boy when we get home ;)


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