Lighting the sky.

I ran across a wonderful poem a few weeks back. Its supposedly a Hafez poem (although there are some discrepencies on that) and it just really struck a chord with me. It goes like this... 

Even after all this time 
The sun never says to the earth 
"You owe me" 
Look what happens with a love like that 
It lights the whole sky.

Yes, yes it does.

This parenting gig isn't all rainbows and butterflies. It's hard work. It's late nights spent second guessing and lots of tears just for the sake of tears (on everyone's part). For every private moment of pure joy and infectious giggles there's a public moment of frustration and struggle. I rocked her to sleep tonight for the first time in ten months. Bedtime has always been Chris's thing, and let me tell you, he does a wonderful job. But tonight I decided to give it a go in preparation for some upcoming mama-baby-flying-solo time. And when she was fast asleep in my arms and holding her blanket close, her rhythmic breathing took me back to a time that seems like a lifetime ago when she would sleep for hours on my chest. I felt my throat tighten up and my eyes burned with tears. I reflected on our week together and despite the day-to-day challenges that can at times feel overwhelming, without fail the good always outweighs the bad. Even on sick days. Even on meltdown days. The good always wins. Always. 

Navi, you are my joy. In good times and in bad, you light up my whole sky. Know that to be true. Always.  
All these photos are from my Instagram account. Clearly I have an issue... Both with Instagram and iPhone sky scapes. The end.


  1. so beautiful and true. We are still cosleeping (Emmi is 2 years), for us it works great and we enjoy the extra near and cuddling time, also in tricky times when she is sick or can`t sleep and I´m rocking her, I tell me that these moments are so precious and we will later look back on them. love your pictures!

    1. Yes, you totally get it! The fact is that these little ones change so, so quickly. Things that seem like a big deal today will be gone tomorrow. What a gift to be able to watch our babes grow.

  2. Precious thoughts and pics. Love that poem, too! :)

    1. Thanks, Leah! That poem really hit home with me. I'm thinking of printing it out to put in a frame or something so I always have it in my face as a reminder...


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