Detail pieces.

 ^^^ The last of my hydrangeas.
 ^^^ Leaf art.
 ^^^ The prettiest tree.
 ^^^ My sister's cat, Bilbo, holding his doll. Navi thinks he's quite the jokester.
 ^^^ Give hugs to horsies.
 ^^^ A ride with mama on Hannah's birthday.
 ^^^ Navi likes to eat the chocolate chips out of the dough. She could take or leave the cookies.
^^^ I'm obsessed with this grass. When the light is just right it seems to glow. No matter how many pictures I take, I can't seem to capture the glow...
 ^^^ A fine dusting of snow.
^^^ I made tiny snowballs with the snow from the chair for her to eat.

^^^ Her first watercolor painting.
^^^ Speed shopping in preparation for Black Friday, I presume. She must not have gotten the memo that mama only shops online ;) 
 ^^^ Her fluffy pigtails make it impossible for me to not smile at everything she does.
^^^ We played in the rain during a storm. She had a plastic baggy in her hand for some reason and was holding it up in the wind and laughing at how it flapped and saying "more, more!"
 ^^^ Grocery store selfies. YOLO. ;)
 ^^^ Falling asleep in the car is happening again and it is! High five for driveway naps!
 ^^^ The beginnings of ice- It only lasted a few days before a freak 50 degree day melted it away.

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  1. Love all of these and your sweet days together! :)


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