A visit to the nature center with friends.

We visited our local nature center with some friends and their twin boys a few weeks ago. The greenhouses are so nice to visit in the winter time... the air inside is humid, it smells like summer and you just feel like you can really, truly breathe again, you know? Navi's favorite part was the rocks that lined the garden paths, hands down. She would pick up a handful of rocks and bring them to one of us and you could just feel the pride she felt for that soil covered handful of gravel radiating off of her. A close second to the rocks on her meter-o-fun would be digging in the dirt. Yes, we're those parents. We do our best to clean up our mess when we're done but my sweeping hands can't do the work of a broom. I always feel so guilty leaving our mark on the place since its only a few dollars to go inside. Kids are free you say!? No, no, my friends... lets be real about it, the kids fee should be double. 

And of course a few phone pics, for good measure because that's just how I roll...


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